Bra Review: Miss Mandalay Paris

June 4, 2013
Large cup lingerie for smaller backs is more accessible these days compared to only ten years ago.  Now it’s pretty commonplace to find 30 back G cups in your local supermarket store and brands catering for the fuller busted have a much wider size scope.  This kind of availability – although it has much room for improvement with recognising the sub 28 demand and need for even larger cups – is fantastic for picking up essentials and pretty seasonals but sometimes you want something a little more luxurious and not so everyday, and you may actually want to support a British brand.  This is when your department store usually falls short.

Miss Mandalay is an independent British brand who’ve firmly established their mark in the fuller bust market since their arrival on the scene in 2005.  Their collections are both fashion forward and easy to wear thanks to the use of well structured fabrics and clever design which makes them so incredibly desirable.  Being a boutique brand specialising in beautiful design and fit lends to Miss Mandalay’s indulgent persona, a refinement that puts the brand in a totally different class.

The ‘Paris‘ collection has to be the most recognisable style of Miss Mandalay with new colourways launched every season.  This spring/summer sees the introduction of Cobalt Blue, a striking deep azure reminiscent of a perfect, tropical sea.  How appropriate for this time of year!  

Unsure which size to try, as I’d heard bands ran small in Miss Mandalay, I bought the Paris in a 30GG, as opposed to my usual 28H, which I must add I’ve not been most comfortably wearing.  Because of this, I was worried the 30GG would then be too small, but I instantly found the fit to be perfect – phew!

I am usually dubious of balcony styles as it all depends where the central gore sits on my ribcage, as too high or too wide gores can wreak havoc with my close set boobs.  The centre wires sit flush against my chest and it really is in the very best position.  The cups are ample deep and wide enough without the wires disappearing beneath my armpits, like some brands can.

Paris is a non padded style with two section cups fashioned in mesh, with the bottom section less sheer, and trimmed with a satin band along the edge of the cups.  The fit is very rounded and natural with no push up effect, which is a good choice for a simple, comfortable feeling as close to not wearing a bra as you can.

I know a lot of larger busted women like a wide strap on their bra, which in this case I wouldn’t say Paris is for you, but I do want to say how amazing the straps do feel, despite their narrow width.  I find them excellent enough as there is no soreness or red marks on my shoulders.

This colour is stunning!  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been disappointed by a bra’s colour in reality compared to it’s appearance online or in a catalogue.  Cobalt Blue really is a vibrant shade – the perfect colour pop to be wearing this summer.

Becky x

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