Parfait Lingerie: Celebrating Curves with Charlotte

July 11, 2017


Behind every great day is a good set of underwear.  Okay, nobody actually said that (until I did, now) and it’s a 100% unproven statement, but if lucky pants have anything to say on the matter, the difference between wearing a fabulous bra and brief combo and your greyest ‘white’ smalls, there’s some truth in it somewhere.

I definitely can say for certain that when I’m wearing lingerie to be proud of, my day sets off on the right foot.  Whether it’s a padded push up for accentuated shape or the most basic but perfectly cut pair of knickers, when I feel good, my day ahead has every chance of being a good one.  Because an irritating bra has me irritated for the day.

My post pregnancy body has sprung back with less enthusiasm than I thought it would; I’m not as firm, I have tummy pudge and my boobs have changed enough not to fit back into my old bras.  I admit I’d been a bit hard on myself after the birth.  My wobbly empty belly felt freakishly blancmange-like and I hoped it would go – it did mostly, but obviously a stretched tum cannot pretend it had never been pulled within an inch of its life.  And gradually I came round to not minding my tummy, even liking it, and thank goodness for that because it’s likely to be sticking around a while!

So new underwear in these delicate of situations can only be a good thing, and beautiful lingerie from Parfait always goes down a treat!

Parfait sent me the Ice Blue Charlotte balconette bra in 34G and the high waist brief, size 14.

Parfait’s vintage inspired Charlotte is such a divine set.  The icy blue colourway is a fresh look for this Parfait favourite; featuring contouring black lines and luxe satin paneling, Charlotte looks best as the boosting balconette bra paired with the retro style high waist knickers.

The balconette bra is a robust yet pretty option for the fuller busted.  Offering a high level of support leant by a firm band with deep four hook fastener and wide shoulder straps, this underwired bra has style and substance.  Everything feels premium about Charlotte.  The moulded foam padded cups feel super comfy all the while gently lifting and providing a gorgeous rounded shape.

I used to wear a 32G in Parfait but since the pregnancy I’ve slightly outgrown my bras so I needed to change up my size this time around.  Parfait doesn’t produce sizes above a G cup, which was why I opted for a 34G, hoping it would at least provide a wearable band with a larger cup.  But I’d totally forgotten – and I’m blaming my baby brain here – Parfait go up to a K cup, albeit only in the Charlotte range, so had I actually remembered I could have gone for the 32H instead.  Never mind!

So, my size of Charlotte sadly doesn’t fit me as amazingly as I’d wished.  Don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing, and it’s not a poor enough fit to stop me wearing it, but Charlotte would be perfect had I got the right size if the band wasn’t as loose as it is and the cups were marginally bigger.  The centre gore frustratingly sits on my breast tissue because the wires want to be wider, and I find the bra slides down through the day as the band needs to be tighter.

I do love wearing my Charlotte bra because I always feel well dressed.  I like the combination of the deep balcony cups that feel enough covered but still give a lovely full cleavage.  And the fabric is just beautiful.  The stretchy matt cloth is so buttery soft and glides over your curves, allowing the contrasting sheen of the satin to really accentuate your figure.  This bra honestly makes me feel amazing.

The high waist brief is the perfect partner for the balcony bra.  Playing on the 50s retro styling the full brief’s low cut of the leg and high waistline makes for a substantial pair of knickers; providing a high level of tummy and bottom coverage while looking truly glamorous.

The knickers are predominantly soft and stretchy and features panels of the luxe looking satin accenting the front design and around the bum.  The satin trim adds to its ease of wear and glossy aesthetic too, as opposed to fussy picot trim that tends to finish off many knicker hems.

The size 14 fits me really well; no digging in anywhere or loose areas.  Occasionally I find knickers not particularly accommodating for broad thighs and these briefs are pleasantly comfortable around the leg.  The deep design is also something a little bit different and makes it a bit of a treat to wear.  I generally don’t mind my tummy fat sitting above my knickers but wearing a high waist brief is appealing in the sense of having a smoother, svelte line, especially if I’m having a more body conscious day.

Parfait’s Charlotte lingerie is both stunning and perfectly functional.  I can wear it under any old mundane outfit and feel as amazing as if I were wearing a fancy evening dress.  And to be honest, in this day to day life without so much of any glamour, I welcome this kind of luxury quite gladly!

What kind of underwear do you tend to go for, is there a shape you’re keen to try?  Do you like the more vintage aesthetic or do you prefer a totally modern look?  How do you feel about shaping and contouring in lingerie?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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