My New Bed was a Fail – Would a Topper Save Me?

March 25, 2024

Earlier this year I decided: new year, new bed. It was time to ditch the double and elevate our sleep experience. So what went wrong? The bed frame was alright, the mattress was a right fail.

This post contains gifted product from SIMBA. All text, imagery & opinions are my own.

A double bed may have served us happily as a couple but since we added the Small One to the mix, it became a little too snug. Seven years down the line, someone tell me how we’ve survived this?!

So bed-hunting has been fun. Lots of window shopping the latest trends; deciding whether to go king-size or super size it. I spent way too many evenings comparing bed measurements and price points than would be considered normal.

While a super king would’ve been delightful (I could’ve starfish-sprawled like the child in the middle), I knew it wouldn’t work. Lifting a silly-tonne mattress just to fit a sheet? No thanks, mate!

So king-size it was. Big enough to feel the upgrade without making it too heavy a chore.

After picking a gorgeous upholstered bed frame, I decided on a mattress: pocket sprung, tufted and firm, because that’s how mama likes it. Or maybe she did before she got really angry joints and found there is such a thing as a too-flipping-hard bed. (Major eye-roll.)

Reluctantly, we bought a topper to lay over the mattress in a bid to rectify my major fail but that didn’t work. It was as squidgy as a slice of malted fruit loaf.

Then.. Simba showed up and offered one of their mattress toppers. Yes, another topper, but I wouldn’t say “just” another. Hear me out on this one.

You may or may not have heard of Simba. They’re a British certified B-corporation who’ve won heaps of industry awards for their revolutionary “re-engineering” of the mattress. They also recently sponsored the ITV drama series I just binged on (which was really good!) so it’s a keen brand.

Simba sent me the premium Hybrid Mattress Topper — a topper combining pocket springs together with technical foam layers. It’s one of two toppers that the brand make, this model being a step up from the Hybrid Essentials Mattress Topper.

The premium hybrid topper boasts four layers to its design:

  • a breathable, comfort sleep surface
  • cooling Simbatex® foam
  • 2,500 pocketed Aerocoil® springs
  • Certipur® foam base

In a nutshell, this topper promises a luxurious sleep experience thanks to a plethora of comfort details.

The topper arrived in a large box in which it was rolled up and vacuum packed. I thought I’d struggle getting it out (like the last one we tried) but it was comparably fairly easy to unpack. I slipped the roll out onto the bed, and with a snip through the plastic wrapper, the topper burst to life.

The topper has a substantial quality about it. In a boxed form with strongly-sewn piped edges, the topper’s sumptuously knitted cover boasts four wide elasticated straps to secure around the corners of your mattress.

How Good Is It Then?

Right now I am getting a *great* night’s sleep on my Simba. It’s just so completely different to everything I thought I knew about mattress toppers or even memory foam to that matter. It’s crazy how you can combine sleep foams with pocket springs — pretty much like an actual mattress, just a super slimmed down version — and create something that encompasses all you could want for a topper: the relative lightness in weight, the cooling sensation and a level of comfort that you just melt into.

I’d go as far as saying our Simba hybrid mattress topper has revolutionised our night’s sleep. Even just speaking for myself, the topper has made the difference between restlessness and a better settled night. I used to really struggle with finding a comfortable position, especially at times of a pain flare-up in my shoulder or pelvis. Now I feel I can truly relax in bed; for once I’m not getting any pressing or soreness making aches even worse. The topper feels supportive and forgiving. It’s actually being kind to my poor, pain fatigued body.

Of course, it’s no magic therapy, I’m still wrestling the chronic pain that persists. But I can’t underestimate the power of just being able to settle swiftly.

No tossing and turning for two hours before I’m anywhere near asleep? I shall claim this one as a win.

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  1. Panty Buns

    March 25, 2024 at 4:27 pm

    It has been far too long since the last time I went looked at / shopping for bedding, mattresses, pillows etc.!
    That Simba Mattress Topper looks very comfortable!
    Whilst visiting their website like the look of the Simba Startos Pillow as well!
    In fact all of the products at simbasleep dot com look attractive and comfortable!

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