Everyday Glamour: Fuller Bust ‘Flirtelle’ Alice

January 21, 2018


Life as a mum is not glamorous – something I was never deluded to think otherwise even before I became a mum myself.  It’s a hard life; days spent elbow deep at the dirty end of a baby and being devoured by an ever growing laundry mountain containing more baby vests than I own bras, socks and knickers altogether.  Of course motherhood doesn’t come without its reward, playing a vital part in your little one’s life is worth all the stinky nappies in the world, but I’m not talking about that.  This is about me forgetting I’m still a person – a woman – a woman who’d quite like to remember how to feel good about myself at that.

Wearing great underwear has always been one of my favourite ways to feel good about myself because it’s something that nobody else needs to know about yet impacts immensely on me.  A good bra that fits as well as it looks aesthetically pleasing can do immeasurably more than provide you with a bit of lift – it’ll lift your mood too.

And decent lingerie doesn’t necessarily mean paying for the big brands, which when you’ve got a growing family to consider now, can be the last thing you feel like (or can afford) paying out for.


Full bust lingerie brand, Flirtelle, is a brand exclusive to Brastop.com that’s easy to overlook when you’re browsing all the big labels.  But while it’s relatively unknown, it definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t worth looking at.  Look a little closer, and Flirtelle actually bears striking similarity to already familiar full bust brands such as Freya and Curvy Kate, but what’s more appealing to the bargain hunter in me is the much more affordable price tag.  The only drawback to Flirtelle is that they don’t seem to produce bras in a 30 band, so if you usually need this size you’d have to sister size to be able to wear the brand.  As I’m still finding my preferred size I was open to trying a 32 inch back.

Brastop sent me the Flirtelle Alice bra (32G) and brief (14) in the new navy colourway.  It comes in a range of lovely colours but I think the navy blue is definitely one of the nicer looks as the dark shade compliments the sheer style.



The Flirtelle Alice bra is a visually attractive balcony bra featuring sheer mesh cups and decadent embroidery.  A delicate frill trim adds a playful twist to the glamorous styling, creating a look of feminine sensuality.  Full stretch shoulder straps allow the bra generous adjustability, along with a triple hook and eye fastener providing the back bone of the bra’s supportive fit.

As I half expected, the 32G not being my most favoured size unfortunately makes itself apparent; the band feels a little loose and will gradually try to slide down the front, which can end up rubbing and feel uncomfortable by the end of the day.  But despite this, it is actually a comfortable bra.

Remembering that this ill fit is down to my trying to fit into the brand, and a 30 inch band would be more ideal for me, it is still a great bra that I can get away with.  It doesn’t always bug me (I guess it’s how active I’ve been and how long I’ve worn it) so I do often wear it.  On days when I want to wear something that will actually hold my boobs where I want them, won’t cut in like most of my other bras do, it’s the best option.  And it makes me feel amazing!  The soft mesh feels gorgeous against my skin, and the transparency is pretty sexy to say the least.



The Flirtelle Alice brief is a gorgeous co-ordinating knicker that wears so comfortably.  Featuring the same all over sheer fabric as the bra, a panel of the intricate swirling embroidery plays centre stage to the forefront of the brief.

Positioned mid way on the tummy, low on the hip and cut generously broad across the bottom, it’s an exceptionally comfy pair of knickers that you can easily wear everyday.

The size 14 is a perfect fit and the brief thankfully doesn’t dig in or irritate me anywhere. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a pair of knickers that loses itself in your bum, and these briefs stay put. The all over mesh feels soft and stretchy, and the gently elasticated waistband has a good grip.



The Flirtelle Alice collection is such a lovely set.  Okay, the bra doesn’t fit entirely well, but putting that aside, it is just so pretty!  And when I spend my days feeling completely un-glamorous it really makes all the difference wearing something that makes me feel a bit more womanly in the pretty/attractive/sexy sense.

Usually retailing at £32, you can now snap up the Alice bra for a mere £16, and just a fiver, down from £16, for the matching briefs.  A bargain for a such a beautiful and well fitting full bust collection.

Grab the set  >> here <<

How do you find underwear shopping since having a baby?  Are you struggling to find lingerie you like and that fits your new shape?  Maybe you prefer to wear more practical underwear these days?  I’d love to chat about your lingerie loves and woes in the comments below.



  1. cedric

    October 1, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Hi becky, thank you, i m fan, you are superb…

  2. Jen Z

    April 23, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I just love your figure… You are such a beautiful lingerie model!

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