Lingerie Review: Tutti Rouge Jessica

July 28, 2017

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Fuller bust lingerie generally gets a bad rap, often accused of looking frumpy and offering little in the way of smaller banded, large cup sizes.  And it’s fair to say I’ve experienced these disappointments enough to know it can be true, so it’s easy to feel disheartened when all you want is a bra that fits well and looks nice.  But thankfully it really isn’t the case anymore; looking a little closer at the independent boutiques and specialist stores reveals some truly hidden gems, meaning there’s no reason why you can’t have that gorgeous, sexy and supportive little number in a fuller bust size.

I found myself in dire need of some new fuller bust underwear recently.  Well, actually since the pregnancy I’ve been working on replenishing my bra collection, because I found I couldn’t (and still can’t) fit back into my old gear.  And I have some amazing, reliable favourites that I’m gutted I can no longer get so I’m back to the drawing board hunting for equally confidence boosting lingerie.

I’d long forgotten about my faithful Tutti Rouge favourites, the bras that gave big cup styles the cute and girly tag they’d long deserved.  Bras with proper plunging necklines, straps strong but slim and padding as much or as little as I wanted.  Oh I really had forgotten –  Tutti Rouge isn’t just cute, they’re game changers.

So in a haze of new mum, new body desperation, I plumped for a new bra in the hottest Tutti Rouge style available: scarlet Jessica.


Jessica is what I consider the Tutti Rouge standard as it has all the qualities I come to expect from this brand.  A true plunge style, this full bust friendly bra offers a daring neckline, rounded, deep cups with minimal front elasticated banding.  The lipstick red soft handle fabric features ribbon insert trimming highlighting the curvature of the cups, sheer polka dot mesh and gorgeous laser cut mesh lace, with a caramel nude under layer providing a mock see through look to the upper cups and brief bikini line.  The bra’s slim straps are fully adjustable with adorable heart shaped sliders and the wide band closes on a generous triple hook and eye fastener.

Pockets can be found to the inside of the three section lined cups containing Tutti Rouge’s unique bra padding called ‘Tutti Boosters’.  These removable cookies are substantial, softly covered pockets that can be inserted into the bra for extreme uplift and cleavage.  For maximum padding the smaller pad is inserted into the large pocket, while for lesser padding, both the smaller pad and larger pad can be used independently.


With my latest measurements seeing me in a broader shape than I was before, I decided the 32H would likely be my new size in Tutti Rouge bras, so this is what I had sent out.  My first impressions were that it looked amazing and thankfully well fitting.  I was pleased the 32 band felt snug on the last hook and even more so with finding the centre gore laid perfectly in place.  It was a relief to finally have a decent bra to wear again.

However with some wear I disappointingly began to question my choice of size.  The band that initially felt so reassuringly firm was now feeling a bit too tight, and the cup wiring that was perfectly adequate now nipped into my breast tissue around the sides.  It was all quite deflating after such a revival moment.

Not wishing to give up on Jessica I figured there must be a way around the problem.  I found slightly bending the wires outwardly gave a little relief but adding a bra extender appeared the easiest remedy.  Popping on an additional set of hook and eyes gained enough millimetres to loosen the band, giving the bra a bit more room to wear comfortably.  The best option of course would be to opt for a different size altogether, and in this case I’d probably find sister sizing to a 34GG would fit better.

Even though Jessica’s design includes the unique Tutti Boosters – the thickest bra padding you’ve ever seen – I never, ever wore it with the cookies in.  I still can’t quite understand how anyone does wear the bra with these cookies because I couldn’t figure a way to wear it without it fitting and looking ridiculously wrong; with the padding so severely stacked to the side of the cup, the shape felt strange to me.  This is perhaps where a larger cup may have serviced me better (maybe my 34GG sister size should even be a 34H) as it just wasn’t happening with me.  Not that I feel disappointed in any way as I don’t, I’m more than content with how great my boobs look without any added extras!


Featuring the same vintage style self spot mesh combined with delicate lace embellishment, this seriously stylish and ultra low brazilian brief is an eye-catching co-ordinating knicker.  The nude panel along the front seams provides a level of modesty and a clean line to the lace hem which gives the brief a sophisticated aesthetic.  The reverse of the brief lets the cheeky persona of this collection peek once again, with a stunning sheer mesh and a beautiful lace detailing the bottom.

Skimming just above the bikini line and low cut on the leg, this brief is super flattering while feeling so comfy to wear, thanks to its generous fabric proportion at the back of the knickers.  The large size fits me well and correlates to a UK 14, which is pretty standard for me.  Overall this is a beautiful pair of knickers that standalone as an exquisite piece with or without the matching style bra.

Tutti Rouge’s Jessica collection is without a doubt a stunning range.  While its inclusion of the unique  Tutti Boosters bra padding may put off anyone not looking for a push up style bra, it’s ability to support and flatter a bust naturally without any padding is equally noteworthy, and those who appreciate the soft nature of mesh lace won’t be disappointed by this set.

You can purchase Tutti Rouge Jessica from the following retailers:


How do you feel about the fuller bust market and what choice it provides you?  Are you happy with the brands and styles available in your bra size?  Do you wish you could find a certain style that isn’t made, or do you wish you could find certain brands or your size easier on the highstreet?  I’d love to hear your thoughts as usual below.


  1. Intimate Women's Lingerie

    July 29, 2017 at 12:46 am

    Hey Sexy,
    Thanks for sharing this post. This looks to be a very nice lingerie set and this is a great review. Well Done 😉
    XOXOXO 😉

  2. Panty Buns

    August 1, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    The new scarlet Jessica lingerie set looks beautiful being showcased by you!
    I love the bright red colour, the design, and those heart-shaped sliders.
    This set has me thinking of Valentine’s Day, even though it’s still 6 months away.
    Very pretty!

  3. Tara

    August 14, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Hi Becky, seeing as this is a review about fuller bust lingerie, could I get a recommendation on where to shop online? For me it’s really hard to find a 30G bra that focuses on really good support & comfort (these huge knockers are giving me chronic back pain!), while still looking kinda cute. Literally only Bravissimo are the only brick & mortar store nearby that have anything my size, and even then it’s slim pickings …

  4. Dom

    September 1, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Hi Becky
    Just seen these websites for sexy fuller bust lingerie thought you might like to check them out.
    Both go up to H cup.
    PS love the bra set you look amazing in it

  5. Kate

    September 29, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    I love red lingerie! This set is just gorgeous! 🙂 It also seems to be very good quality, which is not so common…

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