Blade & Rose: Summer Bear Outfit & Dribble Bibs

August 13, 2017


Where babies are concerned, it seems there’s nothing they don’t look cute in.  Whether they’re snug as a bug in an adorable baby gro or looking dapper in a miniature morning suit, you can bet baby’s OOTD will steal the show.  So when summer time comes around and those squishy limbs get an airing, all the baby cuteness goes into overdrive and there’s nothing more summery than a shorts and t-shirt combo.

Of course British summers are never that straight forward though.  After all, only we could have sun, wind and hail in the same day!  But even the balmiest of days are contrasted with a breezy edge, and that can make deciding what to wear tricky at best.  I confess it’s even harder knowing what to dress a baby in – I’ve lost count of the times I’ve avoided a t-shirt because I worried it would be too thin for Reuben to wear.

Then I saw these really cute summer outfits at Blade & Rose (£19.95) which I thought were quite cleverly designed with the strangest of summer weather in mind.  They’re a brand who predominantly do  boldly coloured children’s tops and leggings that feature quirky designs on the bottom, and this season they introduced a summer collection of shorts and t-shirt sets, all made in the same knitted fabric and featuring a new range of vivid styles any self confessed dude baby could rock!

I really wanted Reuben to try something a bit different from the usual so I chose the Summer Bear set for him.  This cute combo’s design echoes a North American vibe with its central bear silhouette and tipi and arrow design.


The Summer Bear set has a unique style that makes it wearable in any season – obviously as long as baby is warm enough to wear cropped clothing – and can be worn by girls and boys alike.

Unlike your typical jersey t-shirt fabric, the Summer Bear outfit is a substantial medium weight knit, rich in cotton but with the stretch properties of spandex.  The top wears with a snug shape while the shorts fit like leggings, a close fit that provides a cosy layer keeping baby warm while those arms and legs are out.

The Summer Bear’s predominant grey marl colourway is complimented by dark brown motifs, accented with a contrasting burnt orange hem on the shorts.  My favourite part of the shorts plays on the whole cute ‘baby butt’ thing (a look synonymous with Blade & Rose) with an eye-catching fluorescent yellow and bear motif bottom.

With no harsh edges, this Blade & Rose two piece bears babies’ sensitive skins in mind.  Deep elasticated rib trim offers a more comfortable hemline than a typical cut edge and a softer fabric crew neck sits neater around the collar.  Even the shorts waistband is super generous and comfy; broad and flat that fits smoothly around a nappy.


Reuben’s owned the Summer Bear set for a couple of months now, and as he’s still only 23 weeks old, he falls into Blade & Rose’s first size, 0-6 months, so this is what we had sent.  Reuben’s not the biggest of babies so I’ve found the 0-6 size especially generous in its proportions.

The shorts have ample room around the waist and the legs aren’t clingy so they have a causal looseness to them.  Ribbed ankles can often dig into Reuben’s legs (the reason I now avoid any socks that aren’t roll over top), but thankfully these aren’t tight and don’t have that effect on Reuben’s skin.  The striking bear motif bottom has lots of room too – spacious for the biggest of baby bottoms or bulky terry nappies.

The t-shirt fits snuggly on Reuben but not tightly so it’s still comfortable for him to wear.  As it’s so cosy it goes well with a hoodie thrown over on cooler days, and thanks to its high cotton content would wear equally well as a base layer under a jumper in winter.  The top is a decent length in the body too; long enough so nappy can be hidden away and it prevents that annoying ride up.  I love seeing Reuben in little t-shirts but he always ends up baring his tummy because of the flimsy nature and short torso of the top.  Thankfully this is one t-shirt that stays put and looks so cute too.


Something I’ve found indispensable since Reuben began teething is a dribble bib – honestly, the number of soaking wet bibs we’re getting through is just silly!  With their bright and funky designs that co-ordinate with much of Reuben’s clothes as well as the brand’s outfits, Blade & Rose’s bandana bibs are some of our favourites.

Each bandana style bib (£6.00) is reversible with co-ordinating patterns.  Securing with a single snap popper, each bandana style bib is 100% double thick cotton that is soft, smooth and fully absorbent.

I picked two bibs to wear with Reuben’s Summer Bear Set, the ‘hedgehog’ bib: a forest green with burnt orange stars, the opposite side, stripes, and the ‘reindeer’ bib: a fawn brown with aqua stars and aqua spots on the reversible side.

I’m yet to find any dribble getting through to Reuben’s clothing underneath, so they’re perfectly neat and do the job well.  I love the way you get two different looks in one and have the ability to flip the bib over, but to be honest if the bib’s wet or is dirtied, I take it off and pop a fresh one on.  But aren’t they adorable?  I think they’re dead cute for a baby boy to wear and give the finishing touch to a little dude’s outfit.

We’re definitely huge fans of Blade & Rose.  Sometimes baby clothes are all too serious, and I’m guilty myself of dressing Reuben in miniature versions of big boys clothes, so it’s nice to see genuinely cute styles with eye-catching baby friendly designs.  Reuben likes to help me select his outfits for the day and will actively draw to colourful pieces with interesting prints – if he likes his big Summer Bear he’ll love the other sets!  Blade & Rose are adorable as they are wearable and this makes for a winning combination.

What do you think of babies wearing shorts and t-shirts?  Do you find them easy to wear or do you prefer a baby in a simple poppered bodysuit?  What do you think of Blade & Rose’s unique style?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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