Royce Full Bust ‘Impact Free’ Sport Bra

October 14, 2017

Getting back into my pre-pregnancy shape hasn’t really been a concern of mine.  Maybe because a now seven month old baby takes most of my energy and I’ve had enough on my plate to deal with to even think about doing anything else.  But I’d be lying if I said, every now and then, the reflection in the mirror didn’t hit me with disappointment, or that every piece of my old wardrobe that I rediscover no longer fits, doesn’t frustrate me.

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I’ve never dieted in my life and I’m not about to start now.  I just have no restraint  – I still crave a Tunnocks Teacake just about every single day and you can’t calorie count if you’re useless at maths, so no, diets are just not for me.  But I do try to watch what I eat (maybe a teensy bit) and like the idea of a good level of fitness.  Obviously having fibromyalgia, me and sport have also never been a thing, though I do like a bit of badminton and I can swim a length (go me!) and feel utterly worked.  It’s just the whole pacing how much I can manage before going too far, because it’s too easy to overexert my muscles and do me in.  But I don’t feel as fit as I could be so I’m reattempting keeping fit and have acquired myself a mini trampoline for my endeavours.



I had a sport bra sent by Royce Lingerie (in a 34H) which provided me the perfect opportunity to give my little trampette a proper try out.  No way was I going to wear a standard ‘day’ bra or try to squeeze into one of my now too tight sports bras and, besides, what better motivation than a lovely new piece of kit?

The Royce Impact Free Sports Bra is quite unlike every other sport bra I’ve seen; its aesthetic is less what you’d typically associate with sporty clothing –  no zany colour patterns, and definitely no fancy named technical fabric.  I liken Royce’s sport bra to the auntie of sport bras; she’ll cheer you up, comfort you and give you that gentle nudge of encouragement.




The warm coral toned sport bra, accented with graphite grey, has a full coverage, low key crop top style aesthetic.  Being made of 100% pure soft cotton, the bra is naturally breathable and gentle against the skin, an attribute that works well with its clean lines and super comfortable fit.  The straps are only semi adjustable but with a good stretch continuing into the body of the bra they’re a sufficient length.  And completing the bra’s solid construction, the super wide elasticated band boasts a generously supportive triple hook and eye fastener.

Where sports bras commonly flatten the breasts, the Royce Impact Free maintains a fairly natural silhouette that follows a rounded shape, so you don’t feel restricted or squashed.



What I first noticed about this bra was how ultra comfy it was.  It may be a sports bra but there’s something about the Impact Free that makes it different, much comfier than I’m used to expecting from a sports bra.  I love the pure cotton content that makes it feel cosy to wear but cool when I’m warmed up and there’s no irritating or sweat inducing synthetic fabric.

The 34H size is perfect on me; the band closes on the first hook with a really snug, firm fit.  I fill the cups entirely, which envelope each breast like a glove, with the high apex providing super reliable coverage.



I wanted to get started on my mini trampoline so I was keen to get this sports bra through its paces.  As I’m used to pretty low impact exercise regimes, such as hula hooping or swimming, I naively thought trampolining would be child’s play.  After a few minutes my calves informed me it so wasn’t!

My legs were barely holding up but how did my bra get on?  Sadly not much better.  A few bounces in I realised the intensity was a bit too vigorous for the Impact Free bra.  It contained me well within the top but it didn’t keep me in place; my boobs were not only visibly moving up and down in the bra but I could feel it too.  It’s not a particularly comfortable experience when you’re aware you’re bouncing in places you needn’t be, and if I was wearing it down the gym I’d have jumped right out of the door no sooner than I’d entered it.  There’d be no chance I’d wear it out in public and aesthetics aside, I cringe at the thought of what damage I’m doing to my breast tissue.  Pregnancy does enough to those without overly freeing sports bras adding insult to injury.



And so…

Which brings me to the conclusion that Royce’s Impact Free sports bra just isn’t tailored with fuller busts and intense sport in mind.  I’d totally wear this bra casually if I didn’t fancy wearing underwires but needed support or if I were doing less energetic exercise like pilates where you do still need a reliable and flexible bra.  But for my trampolining, no.  I’m a firm believer that one product can’t be everything to everyone and the Impact Free best serves me as a bra for gentler sport, and to be fair, any exercise that’s taxing on my boobs is too taxing for me.

You can buy the Royce Impact Free sport bra from:

Bras & Honey | Brastop

What do you look for in a sports bra?  Do you like the softer fit or is it firmer the better?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Adrian

    October 17, 2017 at 7:20 am

    It’s natural to be self-critical, but you honestly have no reason to be disappointed when you look in the mirror. Your photos show a healthy young mum who looks strikingly ‘in shape’. I’m sure that a high proportion of ladies would envy your figure before having a baby, let alone soon afterwards! And a daily Tunnocks Teacake hardly represents a major vice!

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