LapBaby Seating Aid: Sitting With Baby, Sorted

October 4, 2017


There’s nothing like being trapped beneath a baby when you have things to do.  Now obviously, I love nothing more than cuddles with my boy and I’m completely aware there’ll come a time sooner than I’m prepared for when he’ll not want to spend time on Mum’s lap.  But it doesn’t mean it isn’t a little bit frustrating when I can’t get certain things done, like work on my laptop or simply eat dinner.  Just everyday, normal activities that turn into a juggling act when you’ve a tot to steady one handed.  It can be awkward to say the least.

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At 7 months old Reuben is very much interested in the world around him; he likes getting involved with anything you’re doing and investigating whatever’s within grabbing distance.  He finds the laptop particularly intriguing which, as you can imagine, is difficult to control when I myself am trying to type (single handed) while holding him and distracting his grabby hands.

This is me, pretty unsuccessfully getting things done.



When I chanced upon a hands-free baby seating aid called Lapbaby I couldn’t believe my luck.  It looked exactly like what I needed, something that would help me sit with my baby while being able to use both my hands to do stuff.   And there were a ton of scenarios I could do with this handsfree freedom: dinner time, church, lunch with friends, working on my laptop, putting on my make up when Reuben doesn’t want to be put down.  If you’re a busy mum or dad you’ll know fine well how juggling baby can prove a task in itself.


What’s the Lapbaby?

Lapbaby is a harness belt that secures your baby to you, allowing you to be handsfree while keeping baby safe.

Constructed in a cotton canvas with webbed straps and heavy duty plastic clips, the sturdy dove grey belt comes with its own handy zipped pouch and a mini karabiner so you clip it onto your pram or bag and take it with you.  Lapbaby also comes with a built-in wipe clean napkin, which when opened out covers yours and your baby’s laps so you’re both free of mess.  Not essential but a useful feature.

Lapbaby isn’t a carrier so you can only use it while seated – hence the lap in lapbaby, it’s only to keep baby secure on your lap.  So you really need to remember not to stand up with your baby still attached because they’ll probably drop right out.  Yikes.



How do you wear the Lapbaby?

Like anything with straps and clips it can initially look pretty daunting, but the Lapbaby is really quick and easy to fit.  You begin by securing the main body of the harness around your waist, adjusting the large strap to a snug fit.  Next you sit down and position your baby on your lap immediately in front of the belt.  Opening up the belt, you wrap it around your baby, fasten it in place with the velcro tab then secure it shut with the smaller quick release clips to the side.  Baby is now safely on your lap!



What’s it like to use?  Is it really useful?

Wearing the Lapbaby feels comfy to wear as it is just a belt.  You don’t need to wear it ridiculously tight either, just firm enough to support your back and ensure the best fit when your baby’s attached.  But it can be a bit restrictive once baby’s fastened in too, especially if your little one is a wriggler and doesn’t like being made to sit in one position because there’s no room for movement.

We visited my sister’s family last week and of all the essentials we packed for our day trip I went and forgot my LapBaby.  I was so annoyed with myself because I knew what was the inevitable: a circus act balancing Reuben on my lap while I simultaneously spoon fed him dinner and shovelled what food I could off my own plate which I had to keep at a foot’s radius from the boy.  If I had the Lapbaby it would have been much different, like this weekend’s visit, when I did remember the Lapbaby.  Reuben was secured to my tummy and we both got fed without drama.

The only times Lapbaby doesn’t work for us is one of a few situations: Reuben’s either getting tired and wants to snuggle up, he’s not being entertained or just feels too couped up.  Reuben was never one for swaddling.  He hates being fastened in to anywhere if there’s nothing to engage him; highchair’s good until he’s finished eating, car seat great until it stops moving.  There’s a fine line between Reuben’s independence and separation anxiety.

So Lapbaby is a pretty unique gizmo in the baby world.  Something I wouldn’t exactly say is a new mum essential but it’s certainly a godsend.  When I remember to use it it helps immensely.  I may be a doting mum but it’s nice to have a life (and eat too!)


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How do you juggle everyday tasks while holding the baby?  Maybe you have some tips for parents unable to put baby down and eat dinner?  I’d love to hear your experiences!

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