The Full Bust Market : Is It Big Enough?

May 19, 2015

In recent times, the full bust market has really come into its own.  Big bra shopping is no longer the realm of the specialist mail order company and it’s pretty normal to pick up a G cup with your grocery shop.  But while buying lingerie for the larger bust is more accessible, is it the best achievable for 2015?

Women are increasingly more bra savvy thanks to the media obsession with the ‘real woman’.  Our body shapes don’t fall into tidy brackets; we have fuller figures and fuller busts, fuller figures with small busts and slim builds with fuller busts.  Research has led us to better understand our complex bra needs, addressing the faults with a capsule size scale. The full bust isn’t simply a D-G cup, and it is all but a meaningless figure without a number preceding it.


Developments in fabric technology and fitting advice have provided us with more choice than our mothers had.  Today we have a wider scale of bands and cup sizes, and with hundreds of brands offering a multitude of styles we’re spoilt for choice.  But while consumer demand decides what sizes retailers stock or even produce, we may be lagging behind any advancement we gained.

The D-G sector is a self limiting cycle.  Many women will size themselves according to availability – which is indeed how many lingerie stores will fit and sell to a customer.  Often is the case a woman needs a larger cup than what’s typically available to purchase so is constrained by the G cup cut off point.

The full bust territory is no longer a niche pocket – it exists in full colour beyond the G cup.  Considering there are now brands providing small band K cups, it means the industry is finally recognising and meeting the needs of our modern expectation, filling in the gaps where the petite full busted and plus sized were once ignored.

So while brands creating lines up to a G cup are catering for the fuller bust, it isn’t exactly game changing.  Do these companies deserve rosettes for adding to the D-G offering or are they short changing the full busted?

High street retailers don’t see the value in venturing further afield of the D-G safe ground, leaving pricier brands (including smaller labels) with sparse high street footprint to produce the extensive G plus lines.

Is the ‘fuller bust’ market big enough?  Yes and no.  While there are plenty larger cup brands fulfilling the quota, there are not nearly enough creating or offering beyond that.  And until our supermarkets and high street fashion stores introduce G+ options onto their hangers, the wider full bust scale remains an invisible reality.

We’re living in a diverse age where women command for every shape and size, and it’s of no surprise that large busts don’t stop at a G cup.

What are your thoughts on the D-G market?  How does the fuller bust market meet your needs?  Are you still waiting for more?  Share your experiences and thoughts below.

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