Freya Deco Delight: The Lingerie

May 27, 2015

Grey has earned a bad rap in the lingerie drawer.  It’s considered a drab colour often attributed to tired, old underwear; the shade once crisp white cotton degenerates to after too much washing and wear.  Poor grey doesn’t see the thrill that pink assumes, but it isn’t all gloom and woefulness.

Personally, I love grey.  I find it an easy colour to wear and co-ordinate and it looks super chilled out as much as it can be pretty.


Lingerie and loungewear retailer Lazeme gave me the opportunity to explore their wares and I was quickly attracted to Freya‘s Deco Delight collection.  The relaxed, Dove grey line includes a bra and brief option, extending to a chemise, lounge pant and top.  I shall be reviewing the lingerie set today and following up with a review of the sleepwear over the coming days.

Freya’s Deco is hugely popular and much loved so it’s always exciting to see new variations of this style.  If you’re not yet familiar with Deco, it is a moulded, plunging cup that provides excellent support, a seam-free line and fab cleavage!

Lazeme sent me the 30GG multiway bra and medium brazilian thong.


The Deco Delight is a laid back, delicate affair with it’s soft tone and lace accents.  The smooth cups are predominantly plain with the exception of ivory lace detailing to the sides and the centre so it’s a casual, understated look that wears easily.

Usual for the Deco, the band is two hooks wide, and has fully adjustable straps.  Interestingly the bra has the added benefit of being multiway, which means the straps can be repositioned for more freedom with clothing.



I just love how the Deco Delight bra feels.  The fit is consistent with other Decos I own (such as the animal print Rebel and embroidered Darling).  And, even though it’s padded, it doesn’t feel bulky.  The rounded shape, together with its uplift, makes it feel more like a relaxed everyday bra rather than the overbearing nature of a typical bra of this style.


The thong goes against all the seam-free rules with its heavy lace trim, making this a seriously gorgeous pair of smalls to adorn your bum!  The fabric of the thong, like the bra, is soft to the touch and especially comfy.  I found the medium size felt a little small, so I would suggest trying a size up.

Freya Deco Delight is a sublime set.  It may be an unassuming grey but its fit pays dividends in comfort.

Do you love the fit of Deco?  What are your thoughts on grey lingerie?   I’d love to hear your Deco experiences in the comments below.

*PR Gifted from Lazeme*

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