Rosa Faia By Anita Lingerie: Aurelia

May 28, 2015

The name Aurelia reminds me of the Portuguese girl in Love Actually; the warm, full of heart and a little bit ditsy housekeeper/love interest to Colin Firth’s character.  So, it’s not such a bad name for a bra that epitomises the same strong, loveable character.

Aurelia, a collection from Anita Lingerie’s sub brand, Rosa Faia, is unlike most lingerie I’ve tried.  I tend to reach for colour and trend led design.  Aurelia doesn’t scream vibrancy or youthfulness; it’s not a bra that boasts cleavage boosting properties.  But I found Aurelia intriguing, and this led me to appreciate why the collection is a pretty beautiful, stand out design worth cherishing.


If you’ve ever worn a lace bra you’ll know how notoriously difficult it is to prevent show-through.  Lace is lovely to wear but a nightmare to keep a secret.  Well, Aurelia is an everyday lace bra with a difference: it’s seam-free.

Available in cup sizes up to an H with bands from a 32 back, Rosa Faia sent me the black colourway Aurelia underwired bra in 32G; RRP £49.

Aurelia’s fabricated in a soft touch, mesh-like lace that doesn’t have raised stitching or ridges that typically causes the dreaded show-through.  The unpadded cups are moulded into form rather than a typical bra’s cut and sewn sections.  The resulting line is smooth and unadulterated, making the effect the best of both worlds.


Rosa Faia’s Aurelia is a classic lingerie drawer staple featuring underwiring and a deep plunging neckline, so it wears neatly beneath t shirts as it does under scoop necks.  The soft lace fabric continues up onto the semi-adjustable straps and the bra closes on three hooks.

My experience wearing Aurelia was considerably pleasant.  Although the pattern wasn’t strongly to my taste, I did warm to the design.  The smooth silhouette was flattering and it was an especially comfy bra to wear throughout the day.


While this bra is generally a good cut (there were no wires or fabric that were too wide or too high cutting in) the 32G was frustratingly not a good match for me.  If size availability was no limitation I would choose a 30H, but sadly this bra is only available from a 32 back so sister sizing has to be relied upon.  Not a good enough option for those of us who need a smaller back and at the same time have a more spacious cup.  It was incredibly disappointing to see the centre gore sitting so far away when it should be flush with my breast tissue all contained.

If Aurelia caters to your size, she is a supportive bosom buddy; fancy and feminine, and a fantastic t-shirt bra that’s easy to relax in too.

Have you tried Rosa Faia by Anita?  If so, what was your experience like?  How do you feel about brands limiting sizes, especially sub 32 bands?

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