Sukki Singapora Interview | A Tutti Rouge Affair

May 14, 2015

No two worlds collide in such a glittering fashion as the lingerie industry and the burlesque scene.  Historically, lingerie has a heritage steeped in conformity, while Burlesque’s roots were society’s boundary pushing and provocative kickback.  These days, the alternative genre of burlesque is not quite mainstream, but it is gradually coming to the fore with vintage ideologies such as the pin up icon and 50s style trending again.

One such performer who is rocking the burly boat is Sukki Singapora: “the word’s first burlesque artist from Singapore“.  Her bewitching persona caught the eye of equally colourful lingerie brand, Tutti Rouge, inviting Sukki to take centre stage at a special collection launch for Fashion TV.

I interviewed Sukki to delve into her antics at Tutti Towers and find out more about her love of the most flamboyant of industries.


You’ve been strutting your stuff with Tutti Rouge – tell me more!
Absolutely! Tutti Rouge are a relatively new lingerie company, but one which I really adore, so it was great fun to be invited to open their catwalk lingerie launch on Fashion TV recently. Burlesque and lingerie go hand in hand, so it was a really special moment to bring the two together on such a glamorous event!

How did you come to be involved with Tutti’s launch event?
I’ve been an advocate of body confidence and celebrating your shape for a while, and likewise Tutti Rouge are all about making incredible lingerie for ladies with curves – so when we met recently at my Diamond Ring burlesque show, it was the perfect marriage! I love their lingerie, and they love burlesque!

The event was showcasing Tutti’s SS15 collections; what were your favourite pieces and why?
My favourites at the moment are Tallulah Sunshine and Tallulah Tattoo – both are extremely flattering, and so silky to wear. The fabrics are really unique, and I love the attention to detail with the little heart clasps. So pretty.


As a burly girl, your style is vivacious, fun and decadent; what makes you a perfect match with Tutti Rouge?
Why thank you! It’s all about feeling fantastic in beautiful lingerie. I love lingerie that brings out your confidence and accentuates your best assets. My burlesque shows ooze vintage glamour, celebrate the female body and its curves, and are by women for women – for me that’s exactly what Tutti embodies.

Have you ever designed your own performance outfits?
Yes! In fact I design all of my performance outfits myself! It’s something I’m really passionate about! I love to bring together elements of burlesque and elements of my own experiences and create beautiful and unique concepts.


If Sukki Singapora was a lingerie set, what would it look like?
Oooh! It would be something glamorous, sensual, flirty but romantic – all about the tease and oozing sexiness. It would be a fresh take on the traditional burlesque aesthetic!

Tell me what lingerie means to you.
The power of lingerie is something which means a lot to me; it’s ability to accentuate natural beauty and make you feel good! It’s much more than just an item of clothing, a beautiful set of lingerie can unleash glamour into your life. Great lingerie can transform your body confidence, and for me that’s so important, especially when I’m on stage. For me, my love affair with lingerie is timeless.


What are your lingerie bugbears?
For me a piece of lingerie has to look as incredible on you as it does on the hanger. I’ve seen many pieces which I thought were stunning, but when on just didn’t flatter at all. Lingerie has to be substance as well as style! It has to feel as good as it looks!

Big knickers – love them or loathe them?
I love big knickers! Although the idea of something teeny weeny can seem ‘sexier’ you should never underestimate the power of an utterly gorgeous brief. Not only do they flatter my curves, but they also make me feel sexy. Especially if they have interesting detail on the back or a gathered centre seam – they make bums look incredible!

Here’s hoping for a ‘Sukki Rouge’ lingerie collaboration in the near future!  You heard that name here first 😉

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