Summer Lingerie Essentials: Freya’s Daisy Lace

July 5, 2018

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Now that summer’s in full swing (hello, heatwave!) it’s all about shedding the layers and soaking up the sun.  But the arrival of thin summer fabrics means all of a sudden your lingerie has its work cut out.  Anything less than well fitting can spoil a good look, and you don’t always want a bra to show through.   So it’s the perfect time to look through your lingerie drawer and give anything that doesn’t make you look or feel great the boot.

Wearing leggings and long sleeves the majority of the year, it can come as a shock to the system to suddenly find myself needing to wear much less in the heat.  Self consciousness is at its peak and if I’m not careful, I’ll let the inner critique win me over.  “You don’t look good in that” and “You can’t pull off that look” all become popular personal attacks, and it doesn’t feel great, does it?  So I try to focus on being comfortable.  If what I want to wear feels good, that’s all that matters.  And I find wearing really good underwear can help, because if it fits me well, it’s enough to nudge that necessary bit of confidence to get me out of the door.

“A good bra is like a best friend” and all that.



  • Brastop sent me the Freya ‘Daisy Lace’ balcony bra (30HH / £34) and shorty (M / £17)


I’ve been wearing Freya lingerie for many years; I can always count on brilliant fit that feels tailor made to my fuller bust needs.  And their collections rival any designer brands with their trend responsive designs.  They’re made for big boobs but provide so much more than fab fit.  The best place to buy Freya is Brastop as they carry the latest sets as well as past season favourites for super cheap, so this is my go-to bra shop.

Freya’s Daisy Lace is a firm favourite of mine at the moment for a number of reasons.  For the best part, it’s an amazing fit.  Similar in construction to continuity line Rio (reviewed here), Daisy Lace offers a high level of coverage with firm support.  And combining gorgeously soft lace and modern mesh,  (reminding me of Freya’s older style Jolie reviewed here) Daisy Lace is a super stylish collection that’s as beautiful in looks as it feels.

Daisy Lace is a balcony style bra with unpadded, underwired cups.  Its soft blush pink tone accented with silver grey trim and metallic trinkets gives an effortlessly cool look without being overly cutesy. And with a high centre gore, Daisy Lace boasts gentle side boning, wide, fully adjustable straps and a three hook deep fastener.



Considering I mainly wear a 30H in Freya, I was surprised to find the 30HH fit me the best. This is possibly down to the woven fabric that doesn’t allow any stretch, so a fit any less than precise shows. The slightly larger cup provided more room so my larger boob didn’t press and bulge over the edge, which, being slightly asymmetric, means I have to consider my larger boob first. I love the firm shape and the way the bra just sits flush against me. It sticks like glue and keeps me in place without any bounce which is a strangely satisfying sensation.

However, while I’ve found that the bra generally fits me well and feels snug and comfortable for the most part, towards the end of the day I’m finding it’s making me a little sore.  The outer edges of the underwiring presses and rubs me under the arm, so I’m inclined to think the fit wasn’t as perfect as I’d initially thought and the 30 band maybe on the too tight side.  This is massively frustrating!  In a way, it seems crazy to say the fit is otherwise great, but it’s true, despite the over tightness it does suit my shape particularly well.  In this respect, because everything else about it is spot on, I may try adding an extender to lessen the restriction.



The co-ordinating shorty brief, in the same delicate lace fabric as the bra, is gorgeously soft against the skin. Panels of textured mesh and laser cut lace combine to create a really eye catching piece of lingerie that, just like the matching bra, boasts a satisfying fit.  The waistband sits around the hips so it’s not an especially low rise like a typical shorty would be, and because it provides a deep cut across the bottom the coverage is generous. Wearers of midi and maxi briefs will likely enjoy the feel of this style.

Freya aren’t applauded enough for their knicker designs, which is a travesty when you see just how stunning some of the briefs are. Showcasing cuts of beautiful lace and transparency, Daisy Lace shorty is a delicious mix of contemporary aesthetic and sexiness.

Niggles aside, Daisy Lace is still one of my favourites. It’s a gorgeous, girly style with a workable neutral look that compliments my summer outfits and gives me a natural shape with added confidence. Sometimes, it’s the basics in life that give us the boost we need.

What’s your favourite essential bra?   Do you like to wear a certain style or colour? 


  1. Panty Buns

    July 11, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    That Freya Lingerie blush pink daisy lace lingerie set looks very feminine and pretty – and you look fabulous showcasing it.
    Pink is my favourite lingerie fashion colour.

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    October 14, 2020 at 1:33 pm

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