Beach Ready In Curvy Kate’s Ahoy Bikini

July 14, 2018

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This week I wore a bikini for the first time in six years.  As someone who’s long battled with body confidence, this was a big deal for me.  Now my figure’s changed and I’m carrying a little extra padding and stretch marks, the paranoia demons have gone all out against me – and lost!

The last time I donned a bikini on the beach was back in 2012 when I reviewed a range of swimwear, and since then I’ve changed a lot.  I’ve felt self conscious and battled self inflicted negativity over the years, but giving birth and becoming a mum in my late thirties is what really changed me.  Although, while I did find stripping down to my bikini a bit nerve wracking, I found that becoming a mum has actually been my driving force in being proactively positive about my body.  Raising a son, it’s my job to show him that women’s bodies are strong and powerful and beautiful and loving – never something to be heckled or ashamed of.

So my little family hit the beach.  As the sun washed its golden glow on the shore, we laughed and played and enjoyed the sea and sand for what it was. I in my bikini – and it was glorious.




The retro style Ahoy collection offers the choice of three underwired top styles: a balcony top with standard shoulder straps, a halterneck that ties around the neck and a halterneck tankini top.  And there’s two styles of co-ordinating bottoms: a fold over top brief and the tie side.

The halterneck bikini top has triangle shaped unlined cups and ties around the neck, fastening on a single position back clip.  In a red, white and blue stripe, featuring a plunging neckline and a centre front cut out detail, Ahoy is a contemporary take of a timeless nautical look.



Ahoy has a lovely soft fabric with a generous stretch so it’s totally comfortable to wear all day long if you wish.  And although it has a relatively small fastener, the band shape is tapered so you’re still getting a solid broad core for that necessary full bust stability.

The halterneck’s deep plunge is a flattering cut for full busts, whether wide set or close like my own, and the look is simply stunning. But I did end up coming up against a few issues.  I found sizing up a cup (from my usual bra size of about a 30H) to a 30HH gave the best coverage, which fitted me perfectly without any bulging, although I still managed to slip out of the cups on occasions.  And the frontal part of the band, the red trim, was difficult to keep flat as it kept wanting to curl up, which was a bit annoying to reposition all the time.

I’ve figured that sometimes it’s a case of trying several sizes at the same time, sometimes it’s just how it goes with bra (or bikini) design and breast shape compatibility.  I suspect the balconette could be a better match.



The tie side brief has an ultra low rise, sitting midway on the hip and sharply beneath the tummy.  The vertical stripes of the brief are contrasted with a wide blue band, while functional red ties secure the brief to each side. I love side ties for a number of reasons; they’re a flirty cute style but practical too, as you can put them on and take them off with ease on the beach.

The size 14 is a good fit on me; the bottom coverage is just right and the petite mini brief style sits nicely low down.  But I do prefer a bigger brief shape – I feel more comfortable having my tummy covered a bit more and a higher waist, or mid way cut short, gives me that comfy cut.

Ahoy is definitely one of the most stylish bikini collections this year.  Personally, it epitomises what I love about this kind of design – it’s tinted with a retro 50s vibe and has a vibrant but classic look that’ll never date.  Ahoy is likely the reason why I felt so confident and at ease on the beach, because I felt so comfortable in what I was wearing and I picked a bikini design that was essentially an extension of my personality.


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What swimwear are you wearing on your holidays this year?  Did you give it much thought?  Have you found a bikini that makes you feel truly comfortable in yourself?


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