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May 12, 2015

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!  The official week for spamming your friends and family with proper bunny cuteness.  (Now that’s a party I can back!)

My rabbits play a huge part in my life.  In fact, I see them as members of the family, who I love hanging out with on the sofa and chatting to while watching tv.

My rabbits are house bunnies so we see each other throughout the day. They have their own areas where their beds and bowls reside, and toys to play with for the moments between the Duracell Bunny ‘crazy times’ of racing and leaping through the air and laying sprawled out upon the rug.

My late bunny, Bobby, and Lucy.

Not everyone has their rabbits living cage free like I do, and in part that makes me sad.  Not everyone understands that a rabbit isn’t supposed to live in a hutch for most part of the day.  Hutches were invented by the Victorians who holed up rabbits to fatten up for eating, and that says it all: a rabbit sat doing nothing is a sad, fat rabbit, and that’s not the life of any rabbit you’ll see in the wild.




Rabbits thrive on freedom within the boundary of home.  When you see the ecstatic energy of a rabbit full throttle with its bucking bronco binkies you realise a hutch can not possibly be enough.  Would you keep a dog or cat in a small crate for most of its life?  Rabbits are no less the same.

Rabbits are as clean as cats and will groom themselves and each other, and they are quickly potty trained too.  Yet this quiet and most characterful of animals to be labelled a small furry has been the intelligent under dog for too long.



Danny and Lucy couldn’t live any other way – without their creature comforts and companionship – and on the coldest, wettest of nights I’m at my most content when my rabbits are playing together as happy bunnies on my living room floor.

For more information about Rabbit Awareness Week and rabbit care advice check out the following sites:

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