Cake Sugar Candy: The Fuller Bust Comfort Bras

February 20, 2017

If you’re still hunting for the perfect comfort bra, today you can call off the search.  Whether you’re after a nursing bra, sleep bra or just a really comfy wire-free bra for everyday wear,  I swear I have finally found the holy grail of comfort bras that’s actually full bust friendly too.

When Cake Maternity first made known they were introducing the fuller bust Sugar Candy bra I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I’ve long been attracted to the soft natured Rock Candy and Cotton Candy bras but catering up to a FF cup I was always sized out.  So Cake’s continuing expansion of their ‘plus size’ range (or fuller bust as I’d prefer) is good news for the bustier amongst us; with broader backs up to a 40 and HH cups, Sugar Candy opens up the opportunities with a serious comfort bra contender.

Incredibly, the Sugar Candy bra comes in two separate styles – a nursing bra and everyday bra – so whatever your needs, whether you’re pregnant, nursing or not, there’ll be a style that best suits you.  And whichever you opt for, they’re both completely wire-free and easy to wear all day long (and night) so the flexibility and comfort is there regardless.

The everyday bra comes in a choice of two basic colours – nude and black, while the nursing bra is available in the pink too.  The nude is a delicious fudge shade that works perfectly as a neutral base, and the dusky pink is a powdery hue akin to a sugared almond.

Cake sent me the Sugar Candy Everyday Bra in Nude/Medium 

& Sugar Candy Nursing Bra in Pink/Medium


Sugar Candy has a slightly sporty aesthetic, featuring soft handle moulded cups for a smooth, seam-free finish and a deep ribbed ‘Cake’ branded under band.  The broad straps offer full adjustability, can be worn cross over back, and fastens on a deep three hook closure with generous six hook extension.

Both the Sugar Candy bras are constructed entirely the same, with the exception of the nursing bra that has the addition of cup detachment clips to the front of the straps, attached to the inner support sling.

Sugar Candy has a solid build that airs on the side of caution; it’s actually a fairly heavy bra when you have a good look at it, with its thick sections of fabric and bulky construction.  But in all that, it’s acutely formed.  Like the calm in the chaos, the engineering of the bra that focuses on supporting a big bust in every degree works to create an amazingly fitting piece of underwear that fits seamlessly, almost tirelessly and precisely perfect.  The two section inner sling supports positioned to the sides and scooping round beneath the cups are the secret to the bra’s super intensive fit.

The ‘Sugar Candy’ Everyday Bra

The ‘Sugar Candy’ Nursing Bra


On paper, Sugar Candy sounds a dream, and guess what, in reality it is too!  I’ve been so impressed with these bras.  Unlike many a comfort bra that’s passed my boobs, the Sugar Candy has actually been designed with all its purposes seriously considered.  The substantial construction of this bra is well equipped with full busts in mind and when you feel the texture and quality of the fabric, you just know this is going to be one heck of a trusty bra.

Sugar Candy is indeed a fuller bust bra with breasts up a 40HH in mind, so you’d be forgiven for feeling confused by the sizing options that extend from extra small to extra large.  But it really isn’t so complicated.  As long as you know your usual bra size you can easily identify your Sugar Candy size using Cake’s size guide for this specific bra.  According to the chart, my current pregnancy size of 34GG finds me at the medium size.

The medium size is just ideal for me right now; I wear it on the second to loosest hook which gives me a firm enough tightness around my torso without it feeling constrictive around my baby bump.  When I tried wearing it tighter I experienced some pressing to the sides of my ribs the longer I wore it which was when I decided to wear it a little softer.

The cups are a really good size that fully accommodate my breasts with ease.  Due to its super stretch nature it means the cups glide over the skin and fit in a tailored fashion with no fabric puckering or unfilled space.  The coverage is full without being too high, exposing a little cleavage but comfortably so.

Sugar Candy feels completely gorgeous to wear; the buttery soft fabric is smooth and comfortable, the fluid texture wearing like a second skin.  Which leads me to the product labels, or rather lack of.  Instead of sewn in labels that can irritate (hello, super sensitive pregnancy skin!) the product information is printed on the inner of the wing – now I could totally live with this on every bra I wear!

Something I particularly love about the nursing bra is that the cups don’t drop down unless you want them to.  I’ve tried too many nursing bras with finicky clips that detach on their own accord or have frustrating construction that relies on flimsy strapping that barely supports itself.  This nursing bra is reliable for wearing normally and performing its function when you need it most.  When the moment comes to feed your baby or pop in a pad, you know the bra will stay supported held by that inner sling.

I can happily wear either the nursing or the everyday bra throughout the day, both bras have the same fit and feel that is such a pleasure to wear all day long.  Now I’m heavily pregnant, comfort is everything for me and the fact Sugar Candy feels so utterly dreamy to wear while managing to support my full bust means this takes the crown for my most favourite bra to wear right now!

What do you think of Cake’s new fuller bust friendly comfort bra?  Are you keen to give it a try?  Maybe you remain unconvinced full busts can wear wire-free comfort bras?  Does this bra tick your boxes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


  1. My Lingerie Magazine

    April 5, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    The nude medium is nice one. Looks perfect on you!

  2. Victoria

    May 15, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    I’ve been struggling for a while to find the perfect everyday comfy bra. I hope you’re right about this one because both of them look sweet and supportive. By the way congratulations on your maternity, I wish you all the joy in the world.

    P.S They look flawless on you.

    1. Becky Connolly

      May 15, 2017 at 10:52 pm

      Hi Victoria, yes I still stand by my word. Wearing my pink Sugar Candy today because I felt like a comfy bra day. I swear it’s a lovely fit!

      Becky x

  3. Tracey Scott

    February 27, 2021 at 8:22 am

    How do we find out prices and sizes please. I want non wired in 50gg

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