Wonderbra Glam Part One: The Balconette

September 7, 2015

Wonderbra is probably the most well known lingerie label thanks to their iconic 90’s ‘Hello Boys’ campaign.  The brand has a reputation for the sexiest lingerie, and with bras boasting serious cleavage enhancing design, it’s safe to say Wonderbra is the world’s biggest boob booster.


Wonderbra have ample collections to their name these days, with provocative and feisty aesthetics to suit a variety of shapes and sizes up to a G cup.  One of their latest ranges includes the Glam line; a sumptuous collective offering a little more spice.

Glam was first introduced in a stunning balconette design.  It caught my eye immediately, but it took a while for me to finally lay my hands on a set.  Already released in jester red, grey and magenta colourways I received the gorgeous peach shade (which, yes, does have a slightly orange look about it).

 *I received the Wonderbra Glam Balcony Bra
(30G, RRP £29) and Wonderbra Glam Brazilian Brief
(Large, RRP £14)*

The balconette bra is a beautiful satin fabric heavily trimmed with contrasting black lace, featuring a deep front band of stretch scalloped lace giving it a longline look.  The pin tucked cups have an inner base cushion which boosts the full-on-top shelf cleavage effect.  The straps are fully adjustable and the band closes on a generous 4 hook wide fastener.


Having been eager to try this collection out for some time I had high hopes of it, but sadly my experience was a pretty disappointing result.  If I’m brutally honest, I was really quite frustrated with the whole design which felt flimsy and not what I usually expect from Wonderbra.  The aesthetic is spot on – stunning, in fact – but it completely failed when it came to wearability.

Looking at the bra face-on it’s a visibly attractive bra: it has a rounded shape that looks curvaceous, well fitting and, well, there’s a fantastic rack!



However, the cups are rather shallow so I didn’t feel especially secure.  It’s also wide fitting with the straps nearing the edge of my shoulders and the band is very loose for a 30 (I honestly thought it was a 32).

Probably the biggest annoyance is purely aesthetic – the gorgeous lace under band just would not lay flat when I wore it.  It wouldn’t stay visible even for the short photo session, which is maddening when that’s the reason I think it looks so attractive.  I believe there are two reasons why this may be happening.  Firstly, the bra elastic feels very lightweight and not robust enough for a heavy bust.  It doesn’t feel supportive, and this may be why the bra feels loose too.  Secondly, I feel the lace is too delicate for a full bust bra trim where it’s fighting against the gravity of a full bust.


At a size large the brief fits well, easily equating to a UK 14.  Fabricated in a soft handle satin with lace trim hemming to the back, the brief features a deep waistband of stretch scalloped lace to match the bra’s front design.  The cut of the brief is low fitting with semi bottom coverage, so is too flimsy for my personal taste.  The stretch lace is pretty but not practical enough, making it feel fussy and misshapen.  The briefs could be your cup of tea if you like your knickers more relaxed and with a gentler waistband.

I’m hugely disappointed that I seem to be ripping this beautiful collection to shreds, but I hope my honesty will help you to decide whether it will work for you.  I totally adore the look of this design flat-laid but sadly as a large cup wearer it hasn’t worked for me.

Maybe you’ve tried the Wonderbra Glam collection – what was your experience like?

How do you feel, in general, the wearability versus the aesthetic of full bust bras matches up in your expectation?

*PR Gifted*

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