The Directional D+ List

May 28, 2013
Image Copyright: Marlies Dekkers
Lingerie for the larger busted can make a shopping trip a daunting task.  While more stores on the highstreet are realising the demand and adding full cup ranges to their lingerie departments they’re usually thin on choice of style or the availability of smaller bands.  If you’re looking for something a little different, more fashion forward and less frill, you can just about forget it.

There are some fabulous choices for every day bras and solution lingerie which I talk about regularly here on the blog, but recently I found myself thinking about bras that don’t follow the typical mould; the type you’d see featured in the fashion pages of glossy mags and most usually modelled by a smaller chested woman.  Did these designer led, directional lingerie garments exist for busts over a D?  So I set out to find them.

Without any further faff, I’ll get straight to the point: yes, there are indeed some amazing pieces for big boobs and I’m rather excited about my findings!  These are a few of my very favourites >

Pleasure State
‘Glitter Spectacular’ Contour Bra

Marlies Dekkers
‘Dame De Paris’ Balcony Bra

Mimi Holliday
‘Bisou Bisou Kiss’ Super Plunge Shoulder Bra
Elle MacPherson Intimates
‘Sunset Glow’ Balconette Contour Bra
I’m really feeling these different from the norm designs.  Isn’t mesh fabric a wonderful thing?  And lace so exquisite and yet still able to look modern!

Which is your favourite?  Or do you know of some more exciting, fashion conscious lingerie brands for the D+?

Becky x

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