Fall Into London – Lingerie Illustrated

May 20, 2013
There’s something about the aesthetics of lingerie that fascinates me.  The trigger of this interest was when I began modelling and found curiosity in the boudoir set.  It stirred a new appreciation of what was before just underwear to me and the images of bygone glamorous pin ups became my inspiration.  

Vintage adverts have been a particular interest of mine for a while but some modern images are equally as stunning as the old, especially those for perfume brands and lingerie.  I’ve loved some adverts so much so I’ve framed them as wall art and you may be surprised how fitting they are to my schemes.

A dressing room or bedroom isn’t a boudoir without hints of glamour and feminism and framed pictures are the perfect way to stylize the look.  Maybe you prefer a more simplistic style without fussy frills and florals.  Whichever your preference, these illustrated prints by artist Eleni Sofroniou will compliment your decor with a contemporary ambience.

These are my favourite pieces which you can buy now from the Fall Into London online store.

“In London, Paris & New Look”

“She Was Wearing Chanel”

“Polka Dot Glamour”
See more of Fall Into London in the forthcoming issue of CT Magazine.

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