Boux Avenue Leeds #3 – Fitting Review

May 18, 2013

When Boux Avenue opened it’s 18th doors in Leeds one afternoon last month, I attended the press event held earlier in the day.  I had the opportunity to check out the new store without the hustle and bustle of shoppers and was able to take a good look at the ranges on offer.  I was offered a professional fitting by one of the fitting associates which I was keen to do, since the staff know their products like no one else.

I spied a bikini which had previously caught my eye online: the 50s inspired Palma cherry halter bikini top and briefs with it’s frills and fruity print.  The full support style of Palma is available from a 30 back in a D-G cup so I really eager to try it on.

Boux Avenue ‘Palma’ full support bikini
Image copyright: Boux Avenue

The Fit
I was introduced to my fitting associate called Georgia who had insanely awesome pink hair!  She was really friendly and chatty so I knew the fitting wouldn’t be anything to worry about.  We headed toward the fitting rooms which were given aptly boudoir names and I was led to the ‘lace’ room where Georgia measured me with the tape over my bra.  According to the Boux Avenue fitting guide hung around Georgia’s neck I was told my band size would be a 32.  As I was wearing a 28GG bra it was calculated that I should start by trying on a 32FF (28GG being it’s sister size).  

Georgia quickly brought back the 32FF Palma bikini top and gave it to me to try on – I was to lock the door and buzz the concierge desk to let Georgia know when I was ready for her. Unfortunately my door didn’t lock properly so it was just as well the shop wasn’t open.  The intercom was simple to use, clear to hear through and a pretty cool, modern convenience for shoppers needing assistance.  

The 32FF didn’t look too bad but the cups were slightly too small and I didn’t like how loose the band felt when I’m more accustomed to a firmer back.  I asked if I could try a 30G, in the hope that the band would feel better but it didn’t; the band now felt too tight and uncomfortable.

Failing the 32FF and 30G we decided the 32 band was the better fit, and so I went for the 32G.  The cups weren’t perfect, the central gore still didn’t touch my skin, but they were close enough and much better than the previous sizes.  I decided the band, although slacker than I’d usually wear, was much more wearable than the too tight band, so it was agreed that the 32G was my best Boux Avenue fit for Palma.

(Excuse the tights, I kept them on for hygiene purposes…)

My Conclusion
Although I’m usually skeptical when fitters use a tape measure and appear to add on inches to the underband measurement, it was good to see that my fitter recognised I had full boobs which would require me to wear the full support bras.  I can count on one hand the success I’ve had with bra fittings so it’s a huge positive that Boux Avenue have knowledgeable staff on hand to properly help and fit women.  Thanks Georgia!

The Palma collection is a stunning bikini and it’s fantastic that bigger boobs can enjoy on trend swimwear.  The only qualm I would have with it being available up to a G cup is that it would be so much more accessible to those who wear a larger cup if it were available up to an H or J cup too, which isn’t as uncommon as some might think.  I certainly would go for the GG cup over the G.

So, please Boux Avenue, extend your G+ ranges a little bit more!

Becky x

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