Shabby Cheap: Gisela Graham Clock Dupe

August 13, 2013
My window display, which featured in Style at Home magazine

The shabby chic look – with it’s vintage aesthetic and romantic charm –  is still a hugely popular theme for the home.  While I love the quintessentially British cottage feel with a hint of opulent French boudoir in the bedroom, there’s something so appealing about shabby chic combined with retro styles that really suit other rooms of the house, such as  the kitchen or dining room.

My kitchen’s style is an eclectic clash of times gone by, where I’ve brought together all the aspects of different eras that I love most, to create a colourful vibe that’s perfect for brewing a glorious cup of strong tea and reminiscing about baking days with mum.  

When we move into our new home next month I’m planning on extending the kitchen theme by injecting some of the shabby chic style into the dining room.  This will help fabricate a more relaxed atmosphere away from the lively kitchen.

B & M Stores are often worth checking out for their extensive shabby chic inspired homewares, and when I recently popped in (most obscurely for puppy pads for Lucy rabbit!) I made an amazing find: a lime wash wood clock with a pretty central heart and painted white numbers identical to the very same designed clock by Gisela Graham!  I’m astounded that B & M can sell such a perfectly replicated product – do they have an agreement with Gisela Graham?  Buy the same product off license?  Or, are they indeed seconds?  I don’t know.

The original: Gisela Graham clock RRP £11.99

The dupe: B & M shabby chic clock £4.99
£4.99 is a ridiculous bargain for such a pretty clock, and even then I managed to get it for £2.99 because the hands were slightly bent.  Crazy prizes!  I can’t wait to put this up over the decorative fireplace in my dining room.


What do you think of the clock – agree it’s a bargain?  Do you have a theory why B & M can sell such designer identical products at much lower prices without the branding?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Becky x

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