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August 9, 2013
Corsets are a huge love of mine.  Modelling boudoir really sparked my fascination with them as it introduced me to brands I’d previously unknown and allowed me to explore a new way of dressing my body.  It’s easy to underestimate the self assuring power a good corset gives you.  Fat days are extinguished once the laces are pulled and voila!  Where did those mighty curves come from?!  If you thought you hadn’t curves, now is the time you discover them.

Corsetry has a timeless appeal that never seems to date, which makes the purchase of a good corset such a worthwhile investment.  I say good because there’s a difference between a cheaply made corset and a corset with all the bells and whistles.

Fashion or Waist Training?

If you’re wanting a corset purely for basic aesthetic purposes, such as a hen do or girly night out, a fashion corset would suffice.  They can still look pleasing and sexy but tend to cost the least because the materials used are typically inexpensive; such as plastic boning as opposed to metal or whale bones and fabric is usually thinner.  When a fashion corset costs around £20, that’s the quality you expect.  Some fashion corsets can be dearer but you’d be paying for the label or a nicer cut of fabric.

For waist cinching purposes to give you that definitive hour glass shape, you want a ‘proper’ corset; one with steel bones, a study busk (front closure), strong laces with eyelets that withstand pulling and thicker fabric.  These corsets tend to feel far more substantial and weighty when compared to a fashion corset.


Hot Corsets recently contacted me asking if I’d review one of their corsets.  I was keen to see what they sold, expecting the usual budget corsets you tend to see.  Looking through the site I noticed they sold both fashion and steel boned corsets, and the prices were extremely reasonable which intrigued me.  The corsets looked gorgeous but I didn’t want to let that sway me since images can be deceiving.  I ordered the classically cut over bust Red Satin Waist Training corset.

I received my corset exceptionally quick, the next day.  The packaged felt heavy which was a good sign!  Inside I found a dust cover packet, which I could see the corset through the clear side.  A set of suspender straps were included, although I didn’t choose to use them as they weren’t particularly nice looking.  They were decent, wide straps but since they were plastic, metal clips would have finished the look off better.

My waist measures 28″ so I opted for the 26″ corset (for the corset to do it’s job best you want to order two to four inches less than you measure.)  It fitted perfectly and looked great.  I always have my OH tie me up and it was a simple and quick affair.  The corset hugged me in all the right places and there was no gaping anywhere.

The colour is a gorgeous lipstick red, not as deep a red as I would have preferred, airing more on the orange side, but vibrant all the same.  The fabric is a smooth and silky satin and just looks fantastic.  The modesty panel is a good size which would allow a wider fit quite happily.

The only negatives I can identify with this corset are honestly minor niggles; if the suspender straps were metal the overall look would be more of a quality finish.  Also, the boning doesn’t feel especially rigid, it’s quite flexible actually, although it didn’t create an inferior fit.  Considering the weight, quality of stitching and fabric, and the price (only £39.99) I think this is a genuinely good corset.  A corset I would absolutely, hand on heart, have no problem recommending, and I wouldn’t mind extending my corset collection with more from Hot Corsets.

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*PR Sample.  All opinions are my own.


Do you like the corset look?  If you’ve never worn one, why not?  If you’re a corset aficionado, what do you look for when corset shopping?

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  1. Elaine Day

    January 1, 2015 at 7:57 am

    I love corsets. Unfortunately I don’t own one but I am thinking about buying one because I have found some really cute and stylish corsets on the web. Thank you for the informative post.

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