Katherine Hamilton ‘Louise’ Lingerie Collection

May 8, 2017

Wearing functional maternity bras for months on end can be such a bore.  After what certainly felt like going on a year, I couldn’t wait to pack away the nursing bras and get back into regular underwear.   Following the birth I continued to wear my comfy bras but to my horror I found my regular bras no longer fit.  Childbirth may have been done and dusted but my pre-birth body was still around.  Now I surely needed more underwear; if not for a much needed post-pregnancy boost of confidence, then my new bra size.

During my pregnancy I was approached about a non-maternity lingerie line, something that wasn’t exactly right for me at the time but was a review piece I knew I’d later want to look into.  As my rib cage was measuring wider I requested a larger band size than usual, a size I didn’t expect would actually work for me the other side of pregnancy.

The fashion conscious Louise line by premium lingerie brand, Katherine Hamilton, addressed the needs my bust now posed the most: the desire for something bang on trend, sexy, as far away from a pregnancy bra as possible and in a generous 34GG size.  Louise affirmed I was back!

Bondage inspired lingerie isn’t anything new but for the fuller bust market it’s an area not well exploited.  If you wanted contemporary designed luxury lingerie there really wasn’t any choice.  Boutique designer label Katherine Hamilton sought to remedy this lack for the larger busted lady and with a capsule collection offering current fashion styles together with the more timeless lace design, it’s proving quite a stir.

** I was sent the Louise bra in black, 34GG/£78 and the Brief 14/£38 **




Made of a gorgeously silky matte fabric, the Louise bra is a gently padded balcony style that features single strap detailing to the upper cup.  A fashion design that samples a soft erotic edge, it’s a sexy bra that could easily be worn as trend responsive outer wear as much as underwear.

Within the cups are revealed side support slings, rigid pockets positioned to the outer part of the cups providing an additional strengthening structure.  Fashioned in a three section design the cups help create an uplifted and rounded shape, altogether creating a fully supported bust.

With a triple hook extension, wide band and semi adjustable, stretchy shoulder straps, this bra easily fits to your shape and feels super comfortable taking you from day to night wear.




Since having Reuben I’ve struggled to get back into my pre-pregnancy bras, so it was perfect having the Louise bra to get myself back into regular but gorgeous underwear.  My chest, however, is still slightly wider than before so I couldn’t expect to wear my 30GG/H bras any time soon.  As Louise comes in cup sizes up to a HH, this would pose no problem for me wanting a 32H now, but as I had the set sent when I was pregnant and I wanted a 34 then, on this occasion I have the 34GG.  This in effect means the fit isn’t spot on, but with a little adjustment I’m happily able to wear it.

I first had photos taken wearing this set while I was expecting so I’ve included these shots as an interesting comparison.  When I initially felt the fit wasn’t right for my pregnant body (the band curved round my bump which altered the whole shape of the bra, in turn making the upper cup strapping not lay flat) I’ve since discovered that the bra fits much better, in fact, as it should.

It’s not unusual for me to run into problems with high centre gores not positioning correctly between my boobs and this unfortunately occurs with Louise.  I do, however, find a way to remedy the issue: as I have asymmetrical boobs I shift the wire centre point to the left so the cup fits my smaller boob much better.  The wires actually don’t dig into me and I wear the bra without issue like this.

I’ve quite literally been addicted to wearing Louise.  I just love how it’s a totally fashionable look that feels so incredibly comfy, and it looks amazing too!  Due to the silky nature of the fabric and the fluid lines it means my clothes glide over with next to little seam show through which is a bonus.





The Louise brief compliments the bra with the same strapping design creating a perfectly stylish set.  In a low bikini cut it’s a neat pair of knickers that are pretty unobtrusive yet full of attitude.

The silky matte fabric feels gorgeously soft against the skin, even the straps are flat and slinky adding to the brief’s wearability.



And so…

Louise is an astounding collection and most definitely a favourite of mine to wear now.  It’s unbelievably comfortable which I find amazing in itself since its such a fashion forward style.   In my opinion Katherine Hamilton deserve a standing ovation for achieving their goals: producing a bra that suits not only the needs of the fuller busted but also the desires for trend led, premium lingerie that looks as stunning as it makes you feel.

What are your thoughts on premium lingerie for the fuller busted?  Do you feel there’s not enough luxury choice in larger cup sizes?  Or do you think there’s plenty and you’d like to see something new?  As usual I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.


  1. Dom

    May 11, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Lovely Bra and you look gorgeous in it.
    I think those strappy styles are so sexy.
    Good to see you back bra blogging
    congratulations on your new addition to the family

  2. Gary

    May 12, 2017 at 8:21 am

    You look in amazing shape already Becky. Great to have you back blogging about lingerie again.

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