Hello Autumn! Cute Cake Tins for Winter Baking

September 22, 2012

Autumn has officially landed this weekend and I’ve been thinking nothing less of getting the house all snug and attractive for the forthcoming months of Winter.  Christmas is never far from my mind either, I’m afraid to say, even though we’re still only in September.  But if you’re really into Christmas like me and a religious festive baker, you’ll know that it’s around now that you should be baking your Christmas cake for optimum yumminess!  This year I’ll be making four Christmas cakes so I’m just preparing all the ingredients and equipment I’ll need so I can take on this mammoth cake challenge.  

I wanted to get some nice, new cake storage tins so this week I’ve been browsing around baking departments online and in town.  The vintage look is still a huge theme so I found myself bookmarking several websites and with the dilemma of which pretty tins to go for.  

Dotcomgiftshop has this absolutely adorable Pantry design trio cake tin set for £12.95.  I just love the powdery colour scheme and retro wording.  This set would look amazing with my other cream kitchen storage accessories.
Something a little more vibrant for the kitchen yet still retaining the retro look, the Argos Living cake tins (£9.99) are another really cute set.  The bold cherry red and white polka dot design is really stylish.

I love those vintage metal advertising signs and old adverts from yesteryear.  It makes me think of a sweeter era, romanticising the thought of rosy cheeked housewives baking tasty treats all day.  I know the reality wasn’t quite like that in the 50s but it doesn’t stop us admiring the looks of that bygone time.  

This set by Martin Wiscombe that I found on Mollie and Fred (£18.99) would really brighten up my cupboards.  How cute can that cupcake tin be?!

I bought a fantastic set of 3 cake tins by top baking brand Tala that I found on Wilkinsons website for only £10.  I got the set today and they look just as pretty in real life!

The biggest tin which would fit tons of cupcakes or a big celebration cake is baby blue with white stars.  The medium tin, the perfect size for a tea time victoria sponge cake, is candy pink and white striped whilst the smallest tin, for finger cakes and goodies, is apple green with white spots.  All the tins are topped with cream lids decorated with fancy words of tasty treats such as ‘crumbly cookies’ and ‘scrummy chocolate cake’, all of which will of course be making an appearance inside my tins!

What kind of cake and biscuit tins do you use?  Have you seen any other super cute retro kitchen accessories which would match perfectly with these tins?  

Are you planning on making a christmas cake?

Becky x

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