Gossard Glossies – The Big Cup Come Back

July 30, 2012

Bra giants Gossard recently relaunched their 90s popular Glossies bra range but with a more modern and sophisticated attitude to bring them into the 21st century some sixteen years later.

Having hit the headlines in 1996 with their controversial ad when Sophie Anderton was the face of the brand’s sexy sheer bra, writhing alluringly amidst long grasses wearing nothing but a Glossies bra and brief, the new collection brazenly declared ‘Who said a woman can’t get pleasure from something soft’.  A provocative string of campaigns that saw the 90s Gossard brand achieve huge attention and publicity.

Nowadays Gossard seem to have mellowed and matured.  She’s still a sexy brand but now she doesn’t put out so easily.  Being a fond buyer of Gossard myself back when I fit into their sizes, I’m happy to see how Gossard have developed with their beautiful lingerie and stunning product shots of the Gossard models.  I love pink, I love shabby chic and this image of the new Glossies totally rocks my boat.

The Glossies range was brought out to meet the needs of the DD-G cups, and features light, sheer fabric just perfect for turning up the heat this summer.  I’ve heard from some fellow big bra wearers that the thin straps on the Glossies is a concern, but I’ve not been able to judge this for myself.

At the moment during this warm weather my favourite easy to wear bra is my Panache Tango plunge bra and Glossies could be a sure rival if you love the style as much as I do.

In an article recently on the Daily Mail website it stated that the Autumn Winter Glossies collection will go right up to a GG cup although I’ve not seen this anywhere else, and not managed to get clarification from Gossard.  I’m hoping it isn’t just a typo (it may possibly be a mistake saying D-GG as opposed to DD-G), because if true, Gossard will have finally teetered over the G+ margin, meaning fabulous news for those of us who wear above a G cup like me and crave a little more passion in the lingerie drawer.

Something I noticed through reading the Daily Mail article was that there’s still confusion when to use the term ‘plus size’.  Many people are muddling the fact that if you have bigger boobs, you’re fuller figured, as opposed to the correct term fuller busted.  Big bra sizes are being labeled as plus size or fuller figured when these are usually terms to describe dress size.  The correlation of the increase of the average bra size to a 36D is the justification for the plus size label but it means it’s incorrectly classifying smaller back wearers with big boobs.

When I was looking at lingerie affiliate schemes, I found in Bravissimo’s terms that they do not like to be pigeon holed as a brand exclusively for plus size women.  In their words Bravissimo should not be associated with (adult content sites or) sites for plus size women.

Bravissimo’s Affiliate Terms

Bravissimo cater for people with larger cup sizes and to educate people about the fact that smaller dress sized girls can still very much be the bearers of big boobs too, they don’t want to be solely associated with plus sized women.  So this is kinda the point that I feel people tend to get wrong and where Bravissimo do recognise that being busty is the issue being addressed, not whether you’re a plus sized woman.

Becky x


  1. Hayley

    August 5, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    To me that reads rather more like Bravissimo doesn’t want plus size women showing off their bras. Which strikes me as ridiculous, and slightly offensive. They may well recognise that full busted is not the same as full figured, but lumping the plus size crowd in with adult content is…weird.

  2. Cavy.girl

    August 5, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Hi Hayley!

    Yeah I was a bit baffled by it but I think I can see what they mean by it. I mean, they can’t be against plus size in general because of the extensive size range, but I’m guessing it’s to tackle a lot of peoples opinions about bigger boobs which isn’t body size related. I never used to buy from Bravissimo myself until very recently because I always thought they were a bigger person’s brand, like Simply Be and a lot of Simply Yours, where I don’t fit their sizes. My sister used to be bigger and was a customer so this is probably what made me think that about the brand. (Of course now my sister has slimmed down skinnier than me!).

    Becky x

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