Freya ‘Pure’ Moulded Nursing Bra

August 17, 2015

I never gave maternity lingerie much of a thought before I became pregnant.  I knew it existed but I couldn’t quantify from first hand experience how important and, really quite necessary, a good fitting maternity bra is.

So when I found myself needing a maternity bra, in the short time I was carrying a baby, it opened up a whole new world of lingerie benefits versus desire to me.

*Even though I’ve now since miscarried, and those I’ve worked with in this brief time have been so understanding, I felt I still wanted to do this review out of personal need for myself but also because I was sure about posting this before the sad news arose.*


It was interesting for me to delve into the matter of maternity wear as I’d always wondered how my own boobs would change during pregnancy.  In the first trimester I found my boobs became especially sensitive and sore, which led me to notice I was no longer fitting my standard bras that well anymore.  I gave myself a measure and asked my other half to double check, and sure enough my over-bust measurement had increased by an inch.  As breast tissue is particularly vulnerable during this stage I felt it important to start wearing more specialised and better fitting bras, so I started looking.

Long time favourite lingerie brand, Freya, was amazing and sent me a supply of three bras from their maternity and nursing range: soft cups Rosie (Fuchsia, RRP £32) and Dotty (Black, RRP £28) and moulded cup Pure (Nude, RRP £36), all in a 30H.



Pure is Freya’s latest nursing bra which starts from a 30 back and goes up to a HH cup.  It comes in three shades: continuity black and nude and latest colour, ombre.  Unlike Rosie and Dotty being more maternity friendly with their soft wireless structures, Pure is underwired.  (The reason I say this is only because many health professionals recommend against wearing wires during the most sensitive times of a pregnancy, and so underwires are more accepted after the birth.  Personally I can see the valid argument, but a good fitting bra that doesn’t dig in and press breast tissue and glands is the end result that matters.)

Being a nursing bra, both Pure’s cups are detachable to enable the easiest access.  The clips are small and discreet so there’s no bulkiness while wearing it.

It’s design is gorgeous and caught my eye as an attractive bra, before realising it was a nursing bra – a good mistake you wouldn’t normally make!  The moulded cups are soft and smooth (reminiscent of a Deco but less rigid) and feature an added lace touch, which reveals as the lace edged structure of the bra when the cups are detached away.


Pure has been, and I admit, still is, a favourite bra of mine.  When I was jumping from my usual 30GG to the 30H I was afraid it wouldn’t fit, but it actually fit really well.  The band is comfortably firm, the straps are placed just right on my body, and the cups don’t dig.  I can wear it without worrying of falling out because it’s the right size for me, and it stays put all day, which is how a bra really ought to be like.

My one snag?  The fastener.  It irritated that much it led me to cannibalise its very being.  And I mean, it really irritated.  I just don’t know why some fasteners are so scratchy but the sides of this one was so sharp it made my back sore.  I don’t like taking scissors to my clothes but on these occasions, needs must, and I literally hacked.  Fully super smooth fasteners are my future dream for all bras.

If you want a maternity bra but don’t like soft cups, the Pure is so comfy.  Even if you don’t want or need a maternity bra I’d still give the Pure big thumbs up just because it’s like Deco’s just as smooth/just not as feisty sister.

What are your experiences of maternity and nursing lingerie?  Do you have a preference between wearing wired or wire-free during pregnancy?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*PR Gifted*

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  1. Tessla

    May 16, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Thank you for posting this, you made the right decision. I hope helping others through this post helps you to heal even just a little. Very sorry for your lose.

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