8 Reasons A Christmas Pregnancy is the Best

December 18, 2017
This time last year I was pregnant.  Twenty-nine weeks by Christmas Day, to be precise, so I’d hit the third trimester and was well and truly blooming.  Now I’m as far away from being pregnant for as long as I was pregnant for, I’ve donned the rose tinted glasses and conveniently forgotten how much of an endurance sport that nine months was (aside from the SPD pain and the feeling like my womb was going to drop right out, that’s still very real to me, damnit!)

Yes, pregnancy is hard, but it does have its perks.  And in my experience, a Christmas pregnancy is actually the best!  For some reason, I always liked the idea of being pregnant over Christmas.  Maybe because Christmas is a family time that’s fun and positive, and the thought of snuggling down with a cosy bump sounds, well, cosy.  Christmas is just the best whether you’re pregnant or not, but this time, having a bun in my toasty old oven made me feel Christmassy AF.  Here’s why.


1. The Festive Photo Album

It’s easy to forget to take photos of yourself while you’re pregnant, but at Christmas you know you’ll be sorted for those festive bump memories.  I love looking back over the photos from last Christmas because it reminds me of how excited I was, on the cusp of first time motherhood, the kind of adrenaline buzz you felt feel waiting for Santa to deliver your presents.

2. Feet Up and Chill

This likely depends on how big a bump you carry/far along pregnant you are, because for some reason, the way people treat you depends on your visual state of pregnancy.  I didn’t have the biggest bump but my family knew I was in the home run, so kicking my feet up and relaxing was already signed off.  Thanks to the old SPD I didn’t have much choice in the matter either, but with my slippers on and recliner in position (cheers, sis!) it was a much appreciated few days of chilling as opposed to being on my feet – how I’ll be spending this Christmas with a super crawler to watch!

3. Comfort Clothes

The fitted jersey dress I wore on Christmas Day was a one off; I spent Christmas (and all winter long) slobbing about in casual, swamping, oversized jumpers and gloriously comfy maternity leggings.  I gave no cares to what I looked like.  I felt worn out and knackered, so the easiest solution to comfort was my unflattering but cosiest clothes.  But big jumpers are the prescription for cold hard winters – bonus!

4. Indulgent Food

Who counts calories while pregnant, let alone pregnant at Christmas?!  Winter is all about comfort food in my opinion, and I don’t care what the midwives now say, I am eating for two.  I can’t have soft cheese, no paté, no shellfish (no, I didn’t want that anyway) and certainly no booze, so yes, I am gonna finish the tin of chocolates myself, thanks.  And those butter mince pies too.

5. The Warmth

When my mum told me her winter bump (carrying me!) kept her warm I wasn’t sure to believe her.  Well it was true, having a baby filled bump does keep your body toasty and warm.  I don’t mean I didn’t need my coat or winter woolies, but because of the extra blood pumping round your body while you’re pregnant it does actually do something to your core temperature.  Take my Raynaud’s for example: it was the one and only winter of my life I’ve spent symptom-free.  No numb white fingers or painful blanched nipples for me!

6. Bonus Presents

Unless your friends and family are the mean sort, a Christmas pregnancy means presents for you and your forthcoming new arrival, and that’s on top of any baby shower gifts!  It’s not about the gifts, I know, but it’s actually really nice and pampering to feel extra blessed with presents, whoever they’re for.

7. Cute Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers have a poor reputation but they instantly score points when they’re baby related.  I’m saddened to say I never did get my maternity Christmas jumper, rather I opted for a slightly sexier number (well sexy for me, I was living in baggy clothes the rest of the occasion) and my blingy ‘Baby Love’ jumper (which I still wear to this day).  But I think I’ve made up for it this year with a hideously festive Christmas pudding jumper and lots of Christmas outfits for my bump baby Reuben.

8. Meeting Santa – and looking crazy AF

When Santa came to turn on our town’s Christmas lights I was more excited than a 30-something should be.  But I was pregnant, hormonal and didn’t care about ramming those kids out of the way with my crutches for my own snap with the man in the red suit.  I don’t think Santa had a clue why on earth I wanted to meet him, I guess I didn’t either, but it was hilarious and Bump aka Reuben had his first meeting with Father Christmas.  Yay!


Are you pregnant this Christmastime?  If you’ve been pregnant at Christmas before what did you think of the experience?  Would you agree with these reasons?  I’d love to hear whether you did or are enjoying Christmas, whichever trimester you’re in!


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