Beautiful Boudoir

November 8, 2011

This weekend I had a fantastic shoot with Kim Nicholls, the talent behind Farsely, Leeds based ‘Madame Boudoir’; a fresh photography concept in helping women (and men!) love the bodies they’re in.

When I came across Kim’s relatively new business arm I was excited, honestly really excited. I find that boudoir is a genre that is commonly misunderstood and it frustrates me when I see images which are supposedly boudoir but look more ‘glamour’. There’s a different art to creating good boudoir images; setting, lighting, clothing and the right ‘look’ in the model. Boudoir is sexy and provocative at it’s darkest but can be soft and feminine. In either instance boudoir is always empowering. Never seedy, tarty or cheap. Which is exactly what excited me about seeing the work of Madame Boudoir. I knew we were on the same level with the same thinking. We can only do amazing things together!
After many emails and discussion over what we wanted to produce, the day finally arrived. We decided to portray a range of boudoir styles including bridal boudoir where I wore a classic brides veil with a beautiful set of lingerie. I opted for an opulent ivory plunge bra worn with an underbust waist cinching corset and pretty lace briefs finished off with a sheer suspender belt and cream lace top stockings. Using a crisp white linen spread bedroom setting we took some gorgeous pictures with me on the bed, then we moved onto a wall lined with a stunning lace effect (and feel!). The images were to be clean and pure which gave me ample opportunity to show off some natural smiles. You can see some behind the scenes footage of this part of the shoot here on my Youtube channel.
Another style we worked was classically amazing lingerie in a modern but sexy style; black lace bra and thong complete with matching suspender belt all trimmed with miniature but perfectly formed pewter perfume bottles – and black seamed stockings. I darkened my lip colour for a more sultry make up look finished with some plumping juicy lip gloss. For this set we played with a backdrop of jet black strung beads then moved onto a deep berry bright velour armchair which was absolutely gorgeous! I felt we created some of the best images in that chair.
The last scene we went for was styled in a very relaxed girly look which was a little different for me to try but one I very much welcomed. The bed was gloriously decadent with beaded and satin cushions and topped with a luxuriously cosy furry throw. I devoured the feeling of all the softness in my blush pink lace bra trimmed with velvet, my cute frilly briefs and some super cute angora long socks!
This evening I made the enormously tough job of choosing my favourite images and I’m now just as excited to receive the finished pictures as much as I was the day I discovered Madame Boudoir.

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