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October 7, 2011

What did I tell you about the weather? It’s hard to believe it was only last Saturday that I was on the beach in my smalls (and less than smalls) when the hot spell came for one last belter. The day after it was like the heat and sunshine hadn’t existed. I was assisting Sean J Connolly on his fashion editorial shoot on the Newcastle Quayside and it was raining and windy like Autumn felt it needed to remind us what month we were in now. Yes, October, and don’t I know it.




To help us remember the gorgeous weather we had not so long ago I now have the pictures of the shoot I did, which was a mermaid beach themed shoot with Sean J Connolly. We couldn’t have wished for a better forecast and the images show it.

I’ve never modelled less than a bikini on a shoot before so it was actually quite fun and challenging working with nipple tassels and pasties. The ones I used this time, again provided for by Intimate Jewellery Designs, were some aqua colour cockleshell pasties embellished with glittering sequins, and some shimmering blue sequins circular tassels. I wore with them a pair of lacy green shortie knickers and brought a blue sheer voile to play around with.




We were lucky the beach we found we had quite free reign of, and I was able to do quite a bit without having to clammer for my top every five minutes. I’m not a prude but I am conscious of people who don’t exactly want to see a half naked lady on their day out, and especially not to expose myself where families are concerned. The only person I didn’t prepare for was a gentleman walking along the sea shore when I was posing against a large rock formation. I quickly and untimelessly put my hands to my boobs and said ‘hi’ which was a comical moment. Luckily I hadn’t offended him and he continued on his jaunt, not without taking a second appreciating glance. That was funny!





Anyway, I’m very pleased with how the images turned out. We tried a variety of poses with different backdrops; crawling out of the sea, perched upon pricking barnacled rocks. I was even adorned with drapes of salty sandy seaweed. Mmmm, the glamorous world of modelling!

A few of the pictures are still going through editing, but I do have some of my favourites to show you now. Do let me know what you think!

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  1. Melaniedn

    November 10, 2011 at 10:56 am

    You look great 🙂 really nice shoot.

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