Indian Summer

October 1, 2011

It’s the 1st of October today and quite unseasonably we’re enjoying a bout of gorgeous warm weather – the summer we never got has descended with a vengeance despite the trees shedding their leaves and acorns. What wonderful stuff! I’m sure I’ll be wearing a winter coat come a week’s time so I’m making the most of it. I hope you are too!

Tomorrow (technically today; it’s gone 1am) I am having a shoot I never got round to doing in the past few months. As soon as this heat arrived I knew this was my last chance until next spring or summer. The convenient and handy photographer fiance of mine, Sean J Connolly and I were out location scouting and we found the most amazing beach with lots of interesting cliff and rock formations and pretty pebbles. It was surprisingly quiet too which was great; we only met two ladies walking their dogs and a young couple in a world of their own. The theme commands some level of intimacy and privacy so the stretch of beach we found will be the perfect setting and backdrop. I will be modelling nipple pasties provided by Intimate Jewellery Designs for a mermaid inspired theme. Think sea greens and aqua blues; it’ll be simply gorgeous and I’m super excited!

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