Just a bit of an update

November 17, 2011

I thought I’d do a bit of an update, maybe have a little ramble! This past week I’ve not felt my overall best of health so I’ve been concentrating on other areas to keep things ticking over in the meantime.

This week I finished my contributing role to home and lifestyle magazine, Style at Home. I was asked to be a guest on the reader panel where I was given free reign to share my comments, suggestions and tips across various sections of the magazine which would then be selected from for print. I had to review other readers homes and comment on their styling, and then there were the advice and ideas pages which gave me opportunity to shout about what I love about the current trends. I took some photos of little things I love about my own home so hopefully they will be sharing a few of my favourites, and also one or two pictures of me. I was on the panel for the new year January edition which I believe will be out in the newsagents next month, so I’m very excited!
Also today I had an exciting audition in Leeds with my other half, Sean. (You can see we love working together and do it well!) I’d applied for a pilot gameshow and was contacted just a few days ago from the production company to say that they’d love to meet us. I’d attached casual shots and some commercial shots of us together which showed us as a team which I guess they liked. We had an audition appointment with two other couples at the grand Queens Hotel in Leeds where we had to introduce our partners and then play a mock up game as we were filmed in action. I like to think our audition went well and that we showed ourselves to the best that we could but you really can never tell whether it’s enough to make the mark. It was good fun but I do hope we get picked and selected to go on the show. Fingers crossed!
Becky x

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