Your Time to Shine As a Star in a Bra

January 7, 2015


Curvy Kate has this week freshly launched it’s Star in a Bra competition in a bid to bag the next curvy D+ model.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it!  But, is your daily struggle with body confidence stopping you from your modelling dreams?

Self confidence is fantastically magical when you feel great.  Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you like what you see.  Today you look good.  Today’s going to be a fab day.

But come the next morning and it seems negative Nancy came for a twilight visit.  You feel grotty getting up and the feeling sinks in, infecting everything you see and do.  Your make up’s not right.  Your hair’s not playing ball.  And ugh!  You’re not even gonna entertain that humungous squish of fat you just saw draping over your knickers.

Confidence is a yo-yo of emotion.  Some days you feel amazing, other days, not so much.  Everybody likes to portray themselves as the best version – it’s natural as humans to be perceived as attractive and self assured – but we wrongly connect our ideas of perfection and what is accepted beautiful to our reflections. We readily listen to our own criticism, but we don’t realise that self confidence is not defined by what we see in the mirror.

It is every inch possible to acknowledge what we consider imperfection and still have a body confident day.   What you feel about yourself doesn’t include the thoughts of anybody outside your own body.

Self confidence isn’t arrogance, it’s accepting and loving what you are.  

‘This is me, world, like it or lump it!’

So many people seemingly oozing self confidence will tell you how unsure they can be of themselves.  Everybody at some time or another has doubts about their looks or ability. At the end of the day, we’re all a little unsure about something, just stepping out to our audience with a brave face on.

As a blogger I take photos of myself in my underwear, but I’m far from the most confident.  I know my flaws, the bits I dislike, and it’s easy to get loaded down by negativity.  Having conditions that make it difficult for me to work out and look the best I see myself being makes it hard.  But this is me, I am what I am, with my pudgy bursitis ridden hips and fatigued limbs.  And I love what I do!  So, I choose to make myself the best I am now and I enjoy it for all I am able.

So, if flaunting what you are, with your flaws and imperfections making up every beautiful inch of you, is what you want to do, do it!  If you want to throw away the negative energy and fear about entering the Star in a Bra competition, do it!  Only you can adopt the liberating self confidence you deserve.  And yes, this is your time to shine as a Star in a Bra!

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