Curvy Kate Portia: Pretty In Pink

June 28, 2016

If you took a look through my lingerie stash you’d probably be surprised by what I own.  ‘Basics’ in black, white and skin tone are considered the mainstay of any underwear collection, but a neutral colour palette just isn’t my cup of tea.  While some of my essentials are, out of necessity, pretty basic, I find colourful lingerie so much more fun.  Sounds kinda corny, but I feel like I’m wearing the essence of happiness when my bra’s an uplifting colour and if a cheerful mood isn’t everything, what is?



These days I can always count on my Curvy Kate lingerie to make me feel good.  Once you’ve found a style you like – one that fits you just right and that feels so super comfy you’re not rushing to take it off – you can keep enjoying it in every gorgeous colour it’s released in, knowing it’ll still fit like a dream.  That’s the good thing about continuity lines that offer both neutral colours and fashion shades every season.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving in the lingerie world!

Curvy Kate’s SS16 range includes the long standing favourite collection, Portia, this time released in one of my favourite colours: Fuschia Pink.  Complimented by soft peach, it’s vibrant with a bubblegum flavour and totally gorgeous to wear.


*Curvy Kate sent me the Portia Balcony Bra, 30H and Short, 14.*




Portia’s unpadded Balcony Bra features an embroidered soft mesh fabric, trimmed with Curvy Kate’s trademark ribbon weave.  Its three section construction with double layered lower cups results in a natural, supportive lift, while the upper panel offers a two-toned sheer look.

Fully adjustable, broad straps combined with a deep three hook and eye fastening band combine to make Portia a really good everyday bra, as comfort is considered highly.  The underwiring is wide yet shallow under the arm, so there’s no digging or excessive depth to worry about.

Portia’s style is fairly separating across the chest and wide on the shoulder for me, so I would suggest this is the perfect design for naturally wide and east-west busts.  Even my close set boobs are positioned happily.  The style seems applicable for many shapes as it’s about supporting each boob in its own comfortable place, with no push up or plunging agenda.


ck_portia_pink (1)


The 30H is a great fit on me; the cups are filled with no gaping or puckering, and the band feels lovely and firm.  The straps feel broader on my shoulder than feels right for my shape, and I have a tendency to pull them toward my neck to feel secure, but they’ve never fallen off.  I quite like the rounded shape it gives me as my close set bust gets a bit of breathing space by being separated a little.  Its also nice and airy – ideal for surviving summer’s hot weather.

As a side note, I noticed the ribbon detailing on the cup loops out in places, as if the ribbon inserted is too long.  It doesn’t affect the performance of the bra at all as it’s purely aesthetic, it’s just one of those things that irritate me a perfectionist.  (If you look closely at my photos you many notice what I mean.)




The Short is quite a substantial co-ordinating brief to the bra, bearing the same ribbon lacing and delicate embroidery to the front of the brief.  The reverse is a plain sheer mesh bottom, while a doubly thick mesh centre panel offers a convenient modesty panel (I for one don’t always wish for my minge to be on full display).

The 14 is again a great fit.  It offers a comfortable level of bottom coverage at the same time as being low on the tummy and wide on the hip.  The front fabric’s rigidity does make it a little loose in places but thankfully the stretch mesh back means it’s super comfy.

And so…

Portia is by far one of the prettiest continuity lines I own, and it’s always one I reach for time and again.  The fact this season it’s a gorgeously girly pink means I’ll be wearing it more often; it’s bright and cheerful and wears like a dream.

You can buy Curvy Kate’s Portia from:

Brastop  |  House of Fraser  |  Figleaves

Do you have a favourite continuity collection?  What do you look for in an everyday bra?  What’s your experience with Curvy Kate’s fit?  Add to the conversation below!


  1. Crystal Kadi

    September 8, 2016 at 9:52 am

    I love pink lingerie, it looks so feminine and makes me feel like a woman.

  2. nancy

    April 26, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Pink Perfect 🙂 Love it!

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