Review: Pink Parcel for Your Period

January 14, 2015


Monthly subscription boxes are incredibly popular, and with many types now on the market catering for beauty lovers to craft enthusiasts, it’s for very good reason.  

Not least are subscription boxes an affordable way to try otherwise premium products, they’re a fab way to discover new brands and experiment with new tools and crazes.  But probably the biggest reason for their success is the exciting anticipation of the arrival of the box each month, and the unknowing what goodies await inside!

Pink Parcel is a UK based subscription service you receive through the post too, but it’s concept is a fresh one.  Taking the monthly cycle quite literally, Pink Parcel prepares you for that all important time of the month, providing you with a supply of sanitary essentials together with some treats, because we all know that periods suck and pampering goodies make up for it!

The lovely folk at Pink Parcel wanted to send me one of their boxes to try, so before posting out I was asked my personal preference of tampons or towels, and whether I liked a particular brand and type.


The box was very discreet when it arrived, so if you’re worried about a tampon brand being blazoned across, you needn’t be.  The box itself was inside a cardboard delivery box, and it’s a pretty big size compared to beauty boxes.  Opening up I found compartments labelled with instructions advising when to open, which does give away what can be found inside.  The ‘for bedtime’ box revealed nighttime sanitary towels while ‘for later’ contained regular towels with additional towels aside that box (I guess there wasn’t a box for those ones!)

The end box – ‘for you’ – was the sweetener to the sour.  Inside hid beauty treats among edibles, which aren’t ever a bad combination when it comes to pampering goodies.

My treats included a St Tropez facial bronzer, L’oreal Super Liner gel, W7 Camouflage Kit, a mini chocolate bar, packet of Peppersmith mints and a Pukka teabag.  So, a real mix of premium and affordable wellbeing products to look and feel good.


I would be interested to see Pink Parcel develop the concept further, by offering more sanitary options.  Personally I use panty liners, so I wouldn’t subscribe until this was an option.  And thinking in eco friendly terms, menstrual cups and reusable towels may interest many ladies who don’t fall into the tampon/towel division.

In terms of value, buying your own sanitary care from the supermarket is obviously cheaper.  But, Pink Parcel does make up for its expense in terms of added value.  If beauty boxes are your thing or you enjoy frequently trying new products, then this is a fab subscription that removes a little guilt.

What I love about the Pink Parcel box is that it makes what is usually a pretty negative aspect of being a woman a positive experience.  That time of the month is typically dreaded but with this to expect when you’re due to come on, makes your period a reason to look forward to.


Pink Parcel RRP £9.99 per month

*PR Gifted*

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