Yankee Candle Garden Hideaway

June 11, 2014


There’s something magical about a candle.  A simple burning wick instantly brings a warm ambiance to any room, the flicker of a flame mesmerising you into a state of relaxation, cocooning you from the world with it’s glow.

A scented candle evokes memories and feelings, igniting imagination with images and dreams conjured up from fragrances and oils.

I burn most candles at the end of the year for the dark months spent in hibernation, but summer is the perfect time to explore intoxicating scent, from the sweet flowerbed to the shores of an exotic beach.


Yankee Candle has been my favourite candle brand for over a decade (even for my car!), as their fragrances are pure and realistic.  Lilac Blossoms is a gorgeous true scent, while Midsummer’s Night is a darkly exotic treat.

This week I’ve been burning my Garden Hideaway Candle Jar to try and get me into a relaxing, cheerful mood.



It’s abundantly floral and fresh, reminiscent of a pretty cottage garden filled with wildflowers and full blooms.

Listening to the swifts screech while they flew high in the summer sky just added to the gorgeous aroma filling my room.  All I needed next was a pink lemonade!


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