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June 16, 2014


Tutti Rouge burst onto the scene only three fashion seasons ago but already the brand has made waves in what is an under served niche industry. Catering for the D+ market beyond a G cup was a brave move well received simply because their fresh attitude toward big boobed ladies has addressed much of the fuller bust market problem – the availability of pretty, on trend and affordable lingerie.

Nichole is a new design introduced this Spring Summer season and comes in a range of three colours: sugar pink, powder blue and cream accented with black trim and diddy animal print bows.  The bra is an underwired balcony style fully fabricated in an iridescent power mesh.

<<Okay, first things first: the colour.  I’m mega confused – there are three colourways and my set is labeled as the blue, but is it not green?!  I’ve asked around for opinions and aqua green it appears to be.  Any ideas why?!  Answers on a postcard, please!>>

Having reviewed Betty in a 30GG previously, which recently has been feeling a little tight, I wanted to try a 32G this time around.  It was, however, far too big both in the band and cup so Tutti Rouge sent me the 30GG which actually was the right fit!  I can only compare against my two Betty bras with the conclusion that Nichole is the fit I’d expect for a 30GG, which is a good start.


The 30GG band fits firmly but without being too tight, with the wires nicely placed (not too wide) and the cups are fully filled without any empty spaces.  In respect of cup, band and strap fit, Nichole is spot on.

The central gore placement, however, is something of an issue for me.  I’m not even convinced it’s entirely related to my boobs being close set but I experienced quite a degree of uncomfortable pressure at the point where the wires ended which seemed to dig in quite severely.  I wore the bra all day in spite of the central stabbing, hoping it would diminish as the day wore on, but sadly not so.

The gore bother really is a shame to be honest because every other aspect I love.  The shape is lovely and rounded, and the style feels so supportive.  I adore Nichole’s fit even more than I do Betty and that’s saying something!  I would certainly continue to wear Nichole if I could find a way to solve the problem.

The knickers are a brazilian style brief so are low rise on the tummy and cut high across the bum like a thong.  Not essentially my cup of tea; I prefer more of a substantial knicker to cover my bum and my squidgy hip fat!

Having tried a few balcony styles by Tutti Rouge now I’m keen to see how the brand’s plunge styles fit.  Beatrice is also a new bra in the SS range, a plunging beauty that looks really pretty as much as it looks flattering.


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  1. K

    June 19, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    I’ve been known to have divergent color opinions around the blue-green color line in the past (probably the most absurd statement I’ve made on the internet thus far), but I’m reading that color as aqua, straight-up. I associate the color aqua firmly with blue, though.
    What I definitely wouldn’t call it is Powder Blue, as they have, but that’s great in my book–Tutti Rouge is often a bit too saccharine/girly for me. I’m really thinking about trying this one now that I’ve seen it in living color. Thanks for the helpful review.

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