The Boys, The Girls, They All Like Carmen

June 27, 2014


I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous pair of shoes by boutique footwear brand Love Art Wear Art.  It was a fantastic win, not least because they’re simply stunning, but because I had my bridal lingerie shoot upcoming and the sandals were a perfect match to the theme.

Love Art Wear Art are pretty much a shoe connoisseur’s dream because each of their collections are hand made and limited edition.  Time, passion and quality materials make for a very special shoe, and when I received my pair I could tell they were something more than regular.



These are the Carmen Cream T Bar Sandals.  They’re available in a choice of two stiletto heights and shades (ivory or cream), this pair (size 6) being the higher 100cm option, which is almost a 4 inch heel.

The shoes are a cream satin accented with shimmering gold to the ankle straps and toe of the footbed, finished off with gold buckles.  Platinum glitter particles decorate the T bar strapping where two rows of individually sewn tiny gold beads run parallel to the glitter.  The shoes are fashioned in suede and soft leather, including the genuine leather sole.



I love all the little details that make the shoes extra special, such as the embossed branding to the bottom of the sole and the little brass label detailing that they’re the first pair of only 150 made!  Even the cushioned inner sole feels luxurious.

The style and colours of the sandal meant they matched seamlessly with my lingerie on the photoshoot, shown here with the Masquerade Serenity bridal set.  They would make stunning wedding shoes, I’m quite tempted to keep them tucked away for my own wedding but the temptation to wear them again before then is too real!



*The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen*
Lyric by Lana Del Rey: Carmen

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