Once Upon A Time There Was A Wood Mouse…

June 24, 2014


I just love little critters!  This time of year is my favourite for seeing all the kinds of wildlife out and about, and my own garden doesn’t disappoint.  Living within earshot of the river and beneath lots of lovely old trees means there’s always so much interesting to spot and hear, but what’s excited me most this summer has been the discovery of a little wood mouse who comes to visit us!

Mr Mouse (or Tweak, as I named him) first made an appearance when we were having an al fresco tea.  I happened to notice movement at my eye corner and when I glanced again I saw him pop out from beneath the shed!  After that encounter it soon emerged Tweak was devouring the bird feed we were putting out on the old garden bench.  Thankfully he wasn’t a pissy house mouse so it was safe for him to be around.  I was in complete awe that such a beautiful little creature was within feet of me and, well, he became my new little friend.

Then on Twitter I noticed a competition being run by fashion store Miss Luxe to win a choice of two tops, one being a cute little mouse in a tea cup!  It was too adorable and I had to have it.  He looked just like my little Tweak.

Wearing: Brat & Suzie Mouse in a Teacup top, River Island Button Front skirt, Primark spike sandals

Yep – I won it!  I thought that was pretty cool.  Not only did I have the real Tweak but now my Mouse in a Teacup top to make this experience doubly awesome.  Thanks again to Miss Luxe – I’m genuinely loving my top!


*Once Upon A Time There Was A Wood Mouse*

~ Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Mrs TittleMouse ~


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