Poppies on Canvas

July 2, 2014

poppycanvas_me I have photos of myself taken often, through my modelling or here for the blog, it’s just something that’s natural to me.  I upload photos all the time to update my facebook page and online portfolios, and the odd time I’ll print an image up to go in my portfolio book.  What I don’t do, however, is frame photos of myself and adorn the walls of every room in my house with images of my face. That seems freaky to me, definitely self absorbed, and frankly a little boring (that’s what mirrors are for.) So when Canvas Dezign offered me to have a canvas printed up of one of my images I was stumped as to what to print.  The problem was less what could I think of and single out from all of my images, but more what could I stomach looking at every single day. After much thought the answer was an obvious one.  I’d received many compliments on this photo for it’s beauty, and I’ve always warmed to it myself.  When we chanced upon this immense field of beautiful vibrant poppies it was a magical feeling.  I’d never seen anything so stunning.  And it was my other half took the photo, which gives me a valid reason to put it up on the wall all the more.  It’s not because of me, it’s Sean’s photography…  I think it removes some potential arrogance anyway! poppycanvas A strong image such as this with its striking bold colour wouldn’t have half the impact as a 10 x8, so I plumped for the max, selecting the 20 x 30 inch option.  The original image is over 8mb so already a substantial size for printing at a decent enough scale, but that still didn’t prepare for how amazed I was to see the finished product. The image is perfectly identical, representing the true vibrancy of the colours and softness in the detail. poppycanvas_eye I was also impressed by the construction of the frame itself.  I’ve seen so many canvas pictures that are poorly put together and made from cheap MDF, so to see a sturdy frame of quality wood made a big impression on me. poppycanvas_backside I have to be honest and admit I blooming well love seeing this picture every day!  It’s pretty much a guilty pleasure, hung on the wall at the half way point of the winding staircase leading upstairs.  I see it going into the bathroom and tell myself I can look good (even when I don’t feel it and looking in the mirror would be a horror)… when in a canvas, anyway!


What would you have printed up on a canvas?

Do you like displaying photos of people or landscapes around your home?  Is wall art your style?

*Gifted by Canvas Dezign*

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