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December 15, 2012

I’ve made it fairly obvious now that lingerie and small furry animals are both my passions.  Discovering new bra brands and going giddy at the sight of a new season bra is all very well exciting, but I have to admit that the sight of a cute bunny nose and pair of fuzzy rabbit feet will always tease a wider smile out of me.  

Back in 2009 I had a photo shoot myself where I took along my rabbit, Bobby, and one of the guinea pigs called Beans (he didn’t look like a bean, but when he was turned up on my doorstep one day he bounced around like he was full of beans!).  I love the pictures that were produced that day because it’s the cute bundle of fur that is Bobby who steals the limelight.

I was wondering who else has had photos taken with rabbits before, their own or otherwise.  It wasn’t an easy job but I did find some interesting images of famous names and faces we may recognise.
Katy Perry!  I have to admit Katy is my number 1 girl crush so I had to see if she had a rabbit.  Apparently she got this titchy bunster who she named Abracadabra when she was with Russell Brand.  I’d love to know whether she still has him.
This is Taylor Swift with a white rabbit I’m guessing was just a ‘set prop’, dare I say.  It would be cool if it wasn’t, but he’s a handsome bun all the same.
Ah, Paris Hilton.  The famous animal lover who means well but doesn’t really have a clue.  This is her bunny Thumper.  She did ‘rescue’ 20 rabbits from becoming snake food although I’m not sure if Thumper was one of them.
I stumbled across this photo but I don’t actually know who it is.  Do you recognise her?  The image looks very vintage, possibly from the 70s or maybe just made to look that way.  I’m intrigued to learn who this mystery beauty and her bunny is.
I have to admit I don’t know who Stephanie Pratt is but I love Peta’s campaigns and this one is gorgeous.  It’s striking, pink and stars a beautiful gleaming white bunster!
This is fashion model Lisa Cant starring in this image with what looks to be hundreds of white rabbits.  Was this a photoshop job or were there actually this many rabbits on set?  Imagine the poops!
Cara Delivingne is such a rising star of the moment.  Her features are astonishingly unusual and captivating, but what’s nice about this picture is diddy fluffy bunny with that adorable ickle face stealing the show! 
And another of Cara, this time back stage of a show with a bigger, hunkier rabbit.  Cara’s look is so versatile and changeable, here looking like a very young girl.  I really do like this photo and the rabbit is sooo cute!
This image of the beautiful Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese is classical and stylish.  I love her intricate face and silhouette, and the rabbit is handsome but I can’t help but feel he doesn’t look too happy in this photo.
Another eye catching Peta campaign, this time starring singer and actress Natalie Imbruglia.  Anti fur campaigns are close to my heart and this gorgeous rabbit does the advert proud.
I could hardly end a post about famous people and their rabbits without mentioning THE star of them all – Beatrix Potter with her pet rabbit, Benjamin.  She did have a childhood rabbit named Peter and this was who Peter Rabbit was inspired from.  
Do you find rabbits too cute to resist?  Have you seen any photos that I’ve missed off the list?  Do let me know if you find any more!
Becky x


  1. lingerieandlibraries

    December 15, 2012 at 3:48 am

    Does Lola Bunny and Michael Jordan count? lol

  2. Becky

    December 19, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Ha ha, now you’re talking! 😀

    Becky x

  3. Kim Annabella

    October 13, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Hi Becky, I’m Kim.just found your blog whilst I was looking for bra reviews having recently gone up to a 36H and am in dire need of comfortable pretty bra’s.I enjoy what I’ve seen very much. My partner is a photographer and we use my 2 house bunnies sometimes in shoots(I qualified as a makeup artist this year gone), like yourself I’ve always had rabbits in my life since I was 15/16 and I’m 30 now. I paint as well, there’s a load of bunny paintings I did when I had the time last year on my website. I seem like I am linkspamming you but I am just delighted to find another bunny persons blog to read. I love your rabbit photoshoot, until now we’ve sort of used my bunnies as props if the model was willing (and let’s face it who doesn’t want a big fluffy friendly rabbit on their lap) but since I’ve learned how to do the “big” sort of special effects makeups I’d love to do some pretty tim walker-esque style shoot

  4. Kim Annabella

    October 13, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    Hi Becky. I’m Kim. I went up to a 36h & found your blog whilst looking for bra reviews but stayed for the bunnies! I’ve a couple of houserabbits that we sometimes use in photo’s because let’s face it, who doesn’t like a big fluffy friendly bunny on their lap. Like yourself I’ve always had bunnies in my life. I studied makeup artistry last year to help my chap out on shoots as he is a photographer I think I’ve some with the rabbits up on my makeup blog-, but since I’ve learned how to do the bigger kind of special effects makeups I’d love to do some kind of bunny girl hybrid & then paint from the photo’s. I used to paint lots of rabbits, am getting back into painting now that I have the time (my year in makeup was very intensive) and there’s not enough bunnies in the stuff that I am doing now for me! I used to work in archaeology full time but I’ve had problems with my spine and only get to do bits & pieces now, so I get where you’re coming from having fibromalgia. Modelling can be exhausting, I don’t envy the girls I’ve done work on I know how difficult it can be to spent hours in hair and makeup then have to pose and emote under hot lighting. Generally I’m laid up in bed for a few days after I’ve done a big makeup myself,like the beauty awards last week where i made a wood nymph from my artist friend.I was the week before making and preparing the costume etc, and I know I pushed my body too hard, but ah well, somtimes you have to give it your all.Hope you don’t mind my adding you to my bloglovin feed. I am very lazy at updates myself, but I’m fairy good at keeping up on my reading.

  5. Becky Boudoir

    October 14, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Hi Kim, I think you’re totally on the money there with the pain and paying for it afterwards. I think that’s probably the worst bit about chronic pain, people not understanding how pushing yourself too far means you could be bedridden for days. That’s definitely what it’s like with my fibromyalgia. It’s the reason I don’t get to model half as much as I’d like to.

    How cool that you have rabbits too! They make cute model companions, that I agree on!

    I’ll have to see your work, it sounds like we have much in common. 🙂

    Becky x

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