Perfect Christmas Stocking for Bunnies

December 13, 2012
I love spending time with my animals.  Guinea pigs and rabbits have been a huge part of my life for over 20 years, yet in all that time, as much as I mollycoddle them, I’ve never bought them Christmas presents.  That probably makes me sound incredibly hard nosed and selfish or, that I’m actually pretty sane and everyone who succumbs to pet stockings stuffed with rubber Christmas crackers are the crazies.  Either way, it’s something I’ve genuinely never considered.  
When Pet, Equine and Farm suppliers GJW Titmuss set a challenge to put together a virtual pet stocking to the value of £200, I decided it would be quite fun to make up a stocking for my bunnies, Bobby and Lucy.

This is what I would put in Bobby and Lucy’s £200 stocking from the GJW Titmuss website >

The Cat Furminator, £34.99
This would be perfect for maintaining Lucy’s long coat of fur.  As you can see, she’s like a hairy teddy bear, and that’s her after a hair cut!

Pink Vet Bed, £24.99
Vet Bed is the original and best fleecy pet bedding in my opinion and,  in baby pink, I’m sure my two girly buns would really covet this cute cosy to snuggle on.

Small Animal Kong, £5.19
Rabbits are easily bored and difficult to please.  This small animal version of the Kong would make a perfect addition to Bobby and Lucy’s small collection of toys.

Luxury Sherpa Throw, £28.65
This would make a super fancy snuggle blanket for when I’m cuddling Bobby and Lucy.  Bobby has nibbled holes in their fleeces and this looks like sturdy quality to withstand naughty nibbles!
Clear Carrot Rabbit Bowl, £6.99
How swanky is this bowl?  Bobby and Lucy would feel like little princesses eating out of this designer chunky clear bowl decorated with ‘frozen in ice’ carrots.

Large Cat Combat Tunnel, £12.75

Rabbits don’t just sit around in a cage, you know.  Not in my house, anyway!  Bobby and Lucy love playing, and since Bobby lost lots of weight on the famous PDSA Pet Fit Club this summer she needs to stay as active as possible.  This would be an awesome play tunnel for their room.

Nature Snacks Country Garden Herbs, £1.99
There’s always time for a tasty bite in between playing and sleeping, and interesting, quality nibbles are important.  This packet of delicious herbs would be like a fudge for ‘giving your kids a treat’.

Doggy Shack, £79.99
Bobby likes to sleep under her log arch while Lucy kips beneath a leather chair, but they do love to snuggle each other, and this wooden bedroom would be a cosy den for cuddly sleeps.
Veg Patch, £4.39
Everyone thinks rabbits just eat carrots, but the fact is it isn’t healthy for them to eat carrots all the time.  (All that sugar, Bobby’s watching her waistline, you know!)  This is a novel way for a carrot a day, plus it’s a quirky game that’ll entertain.  Bobby loves to throw her ball around, I’m sure she’ll love to fling a carrot!
So this little lot comes to £199.93 leaving 7p from the virtual £200.  Bobby and Lucy would love to have these toys and home luxuries for real so we’ll have to ask Santa Paws what he can do for them.  Bobby lost so much weight going from a wibbly 2.4kg to a svelte 1.6kg which has been an amazing accomplishment for my little lady.  And Lucy, well, she decided to make friends with Bobby this year and they’re now the best of buds.  I think Santa Paws will be genuinely impressed this year!
Becky x

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