Sports Bra Review – Freya Active 30GG

April 19, 2012

Anyone who plays a form of sport or likes to keep fit knows it’s imperative to wear a good bra.  Whether you have a small bust or fuller boobs, a well fitting and supportive purpose made sports bra is necessary for the health of your boobs and ultimately, your comfort.  With the 2012 London Olympics just around the corner, we’re all thinking more about sport this year!

In my lingerie stash I have a few sports bras; crop tops, soft cup bras, but I’d never tried an under wired sports bra.  I always thought an under wire would be the last thing I’d want to wear whilst working out, believing it would be painful and restrictive, so when offered the chance I was really keen to give the Freya Active Underwired Bra a go.

When I received the Active I was immediately attracted to its colour.  The striking purple magenta accented with grey gives this bra a fashion conscious edge against usually boring bland sports bra.  The bra was a 30GG and I assumed there would be no way it would fit, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The nature of a sports bra means it will be a snug fit but it wasn’t uncomfortable like I’d dreaded.

Freya Active Underwired Bra in Magenta

The under wire is so rounded and wide it means it doesn’t dig in anywhere at all and the firm band running along under the cups means it is actually comfy.  The fact that the fastening is a deep 4 hook wide band which is also well padded makes for a smooth, non irritating line around your back.  (I am a stickler for itchy tags and bands!)



The cups are a double layered silky fabric with a gentle sheen while the centre gore and side panels have a breathable mesh.  Its lined with Coolmax technology which is supposed to be good for keeping your skin cool whilst ridding you of sweat.  The front section of the straps are very well padded and formed with the back of the straps giving you some degree of adjustment; only around 3″ worth but to be honest I didn’t need it looser and it allowed more than enough room for me.

A sports bra is not just about aesthetics though so I needed to try the bra out in genuine situations I wear a sports bra for.  The most vigorous activities I engage in include using my air walker equipment and playing badminton.  Freya are actually partners with the England Netball team so I had high hopes of its superiority.

The England Netball Team

The Active Underwired bra is quite literally fantastic!  Throughout my various exercise tasks the bra stuck to my body like glue.  I experienced no rubbing or shifting and, together with the matching seamfree shorts that have antibacterial qualities, my routines were without sweaty displeasure.  I am always aware of my boob movement during any form of exercise and where I expected there to be ample boob bouncing there was none.  It was a liberating feeling that I could bounce and move without that heavy pulling.

See how I got on with the Active in my video – 

I honestly feel, hand on heart, that this is my now favourite sports bra set and I’m quite confident in getting rid of my sports bra stash.  I really believed that the under wires would be the bra’s disadvantage but they actually make the style and shape that it is.

Thanks Freya for being my bosom buddy!

Becky x

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