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April 25, 2012

Ever since my first foray into the online world in the year 2000 I’ve been transfixed by the allure of shopping online and even to this day, I, like many people, are still enjoying the buzz and convenience of buying over the internet.  With so many online stores at the tap of a key lingerie shopping can be a minefield and finding the right one – which for me means a shop that sells 28GGs – can be a mind numbing task.

So I was delighted when I came across Charlie Girl Lingerie store, not least because of its chic and modern site design.  I was thrilled to see that they provide free delivery to UK addresses for all orders – already a huge incentive when many other lingerie stores charge in the region of £3.50.  The banner on the home page welcomed me with Freya imagery and I knew I’d come to the right place.

Charlie Girl Lingerie website

Don’t be discouraged by Charlie Girl’s small independency, for they have a vast catalogue of available stocked lingerie to suit even the smallest frame and the largest of busts with choices to rival many of the big name stores, and the staff have ample enthusiasm and dedication when it comes down to their customer service.  After sending off a quick email I received my reply the same day.  I’m very particular about receiving a personable experience and with lingerie buying it’s essential.   I’ve found so far that Charlie Girl Lingerie are spot on with both their attitude and offerings to the niche area my bra size falls into.  If you’re hunting high and low for 28 back bras like myself you’re onto a winner!

Cleo by Panache is a vibrant, trend conscious brand and it seemed fitting when equally modern Charlie Girl Lingerie sent me a Cleo Bonnie set to try out.  I’ve been a fan of similar Cleo bras so I was keen to see how the Bonnie faired.  Following advice that Panache styles can run smaller than my usual 28GG Freya fit, I was sent the Bonnie in a 30GG and the brief in my usual 12.

Cleo Bonnie Set

Bonnie is, very aptly, a bonny design.  It’s a charismatic fuchsia pink with an explosion of embroidered flowers and intricate pattern trimmed with apple green stitching and centre bow.  The three section cups are totally unpadded with a beveled edging in balcony style.  It features well formed semi adjustable straps which are double strengthened with a soft layer on the reverse of the front strap which makes it super comfy.  The breathable wings are a substantial enough width with a double hook and eye fastener.  It really is a pretty yet functional bra without being overly gaudy and pretentious.

Close up of the Bonnie

Back of Bonnie

The knickers that complete the Bonnie set are lovely. They’re bikini style so sit low on your tummy but provide excellent coverage on the bum. They make a cute combination when worn together with the bra.

Bonnie Brief

I found the 30GG slightly too wide in the band for my comfort, it definitely felt like the straps were just too wide set on my shoulders which caused the cups to pucker.  The 28 back would be a huge improvement that would easily solve the niggles I experienced, but the GG cups felt adequate and supportive.

You can just about see the puckering

I didn’t really like the look Bonnie gave me and I’m not convinced that it’s purely down to the wider band,  I think it’s how the cups are designed.  I felt it gave me a look of ‘two separate lumps stuck on my chest’ as opposed to my natural cleavage line. I do own the similar styled Lucy which I ended up modifying to fit my bust (I stitched the ends of the underwires at the centre gore together to pull the cups in.) because I have close sitting boobs.  If you have wider set boobs then this bra should be absolutely fine.

Not so flattering shape

Me wearing the Bonnie Set

So I think I’ll try modifying the Bonnie in an attempt to get the cups to sit more naturally against me.  Other than that, I’m actually quite in love with the design and the gorgeous colourway.  I love colourful lingerie and I love it even more when I can shop from the comfort of my own home and buy stunning bras and knickers from a shop that actually sells my size!  This makes me one happy bunny.  🙂

Becky x

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