New Boudoir Photos In…

November 30, 2011

At the beginning of this month I had a boudoir shoot with Madame Boudoir. The shoot went fantastically well and I felt an instant rapport with photographer Kim Nicholls. After looking through the all images and deciding which were my favourites, today I received the final set. I’m blown away by how amazing they look.

Looking at the pictures you wouldn’t think I was feeling quite unwell that day which I hope shows the dedication I have toward my work. Sometimes I may not have health on my side but I sure as heck will fight it!
I have so many favourites it’s been difficult to narrow them down but I would have to say I’m drawing more toward the main image I have selected as my blog image (cosy bedroom boudoir) and the bridal image further down the page. Kim has captured the best in me and made a perfect set of images with her artistic eye and technical flare. If you’re looking to get some boudoir photos done for your portfolio or as a surprise prezzie for your significant other, Kim is the woman for you.
Becky x

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