Christmas is coming… the goose is getting fat!

December 3, 2011

Or maybe that’s me come the end of the year!

Yes, can you believe it, it’s that time of year again?! It doesn’t seem two minutes ago we were ringing in 2011. Now we have less than a month to go and we’ll be in 2012. Then I’ll be 30 in February! Shocking, isn’t it?!
I’ve had this blog going a little while now and I felt like it needed a change. I wanted it to be feminine and cute, not too childish but not old fashioned. I think the template I found in the end kinda fits me to a T. What do you think of it?
I’ve had a busy week so I’m looking forward to deserved really long lie in tomorrow. I’ve assisted on set of a fashion shoot and today had a pin up shoot of my own where I got to model some nipple pasties on behalf of a Canadian designer. It was great to get into the swing of what I love modelling most, and I was honored to be wearing what can only be described as such cute and intricately made pieces of art. Now being back home the old ‘feeling entirely knackered and ripped apart’ sensation comes back to take me into it’s lair. Marvelous. But, after a good long sleep and rest I’ll be back!
Nighty night!
Becky x

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