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January 13, 2012
Wow, it feels like it’s been ages since I last blogged on here.  I haven’t been on since last year…!  He he, a joke is a good way to start the year.  I’ve been a busy bee with lots of things going on so thought I’d best give you the low down on my most recent pictures.

It was actually at the very beginning of December that I did a pin up shoot.  I was to model some uniquely fantastic nipple pasties that came all the way from Canada to be graced upon my boobies!  Susan from Sex on a Stitch made two sets of her handcrafted pasties to my personal measurements, using her signature crochet talents.  In her own words, it’s ‘Risque Crochet’.  Not something you’d typically put together which is why it works so blooming well!  They’re absolutely stunning and so cute, I didn’t even need to put them on before falling in love with them.  They truly are little works of art, and you too can own a pair for very little money by popping along to Susan’s store.

The first pair I wore were the ‘Nipply Crocheted’ nipple pasties, which you can actually get in different shades, and I opted for the bright pink tone.  They basically look like crocheted nipples.  A light pink crochet trimmed with pink sequins around the edge with a deeper pink ‘nipple’.  They have the option for ‘piercing’ which I went for and had faux piercings in both.  They’re not for the faint hearted but definitely a naughty bit of fun.  I wore the pasties with a pair of cute and frilly suspender shortie knickers with some baby pink stockings.  The whole look is girly and innocent but still cheeky.  You can see the finished image now in Susan’s Etsy shop.

I wanted to work with a photographer I’d not worked with before to get a different kind of look I usually have in my images so I chose James from the The Studio by Jaymz.  They do a lot of pin up photography so this partnership was ideal.  James had lots of different coloured backgrounds appropriate for pin up looks and so for this look we went with the purple backdrop to compliment the pink pasties.  Susan wanted to present the pasties in a jovial and fun way so pouting was not an option.  Thankfully I’m a natural smiler anyway so I took it all with ease.  The finished look is simple but presents the pasties well, which is the most important part.

The ‘Nipply Crocheted Nipple Pasties

For the second pair of pasties I kept the frilly knickers and stockings on and included a pair of lilac platform heels.  They fitted in with the colour scheme because there’s lilac in the pasties.  These pasties were a pink crocheted base topped with a pretty embroidered flower embellishment.  They look very tropical and Hawaiian and the detail in them is just amazing.  They really are a pretty pair of pasties so if you like anything floral and want to keep your bedroom theme very feminine, you’ll love these. To see them and purchase your own pair, just pop along and treat yourself!
In this picture I had part of my hair put up into a quiff like bouffant to make it all a bit more exotic.  A girly pink chair made for a cute prop.  
I really enjoyed this shoot, it was fun and girly and meant I could have a play around with the whole look.  I love doing lingerie and boudoir stuff at the best of times and getting to wear tassels and pasties is always that little bit more playful and edgy.  
What do you like or dislike about this shoot?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Becky x

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