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January 26, 2012

I spend so much of my time over at my modelling page on Facebook then all the modelling websites that I need to remind myself sometime that I do have here to come too!  I have to stop and think sometimes because it’s so easy to get taken away with everything that goes on, so it’s nice when I get a moment to talk about what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been in the paper again which was great!  The Daily Mail published an image of me with my acting (and real life) other half on one of their articles online.  I love the images taken by Chris Rout because they’re so random and varied and you never know when an image will be used or where it’ll appear.  This one was hilariously published under the heading ‘G-spot still not found by scientists after 60 years’ with the tag line ‘missed the spot?’.  There’s me in a huff giving my content partner daggers!  Oh the joys of acting!  ha ha

I’m currently in the short list for Corsets UK‘s Facebook competition.  They are holding monthly competitions where they are wanting images containing their corsets to be uploaded for the chance to be their main page image.  This month is competing for the February ‘Valentines’ seat so I entered my image taken by Kim at Madame Boudoir as I wore a white underbust corset of theirs.  This photo is actually my very favourite currently and I think it’s really suited to the theme for this month’s competition.  (It’s also my birthday next month which I think should score me extra points!!)  I’m really hoping to win this because it’ll be a great opportunity of exposure.  I’m not sure if it’s decided by votes or not but a good amount of ‘like’s can certainly do no harm.  So please do show your support, pop along and give me a thumbs up!  Thank you so much!
This is the one to vote for!  😀

Becky x

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