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March 7, 2018


Mother’s Day for me used to be an occasion for giving thanks to my mum.  It still is – my mum’s the best! – but now I’ve joined the parenting club it’s a day for me too.  Granted, with a single one year old I’m not a time served mum and I’ve yet to earn my stripes.  But I am proud to finally call myself a mum and I can certainly say that even though this will technically be my second mother’s day, raising Reuben this past year has been a journey of self discovery and improvement, with almost as many tears as there has been joy.

Here’s to us mums battling on, doing the best we can and making our babies number one!

So what would a mum really like for Mother’s Day?  If we’re talking the intangible, any mum would say ‘time’.  More time to fit in the day, more time for the mundane, more time to SLEEP, and of course more time to enjoy the kids.  A few extra hours on the clock would certainly be amazing, I know I could easily make use of more time to finish the jobs I started before I went off and changed that nappy.

So you could say that a watch is the cleverest way of gifting time.  And while it may not provide any additional minutes, with some thoughtful personalisation it can hold some precious memories from the past to cherish long into the future.

Giftsonline4U asked me if I’d like to review a piece from their Mother’s Day range and this stunning watch caught my eye.  Not only is it a gorgeous watch in its own right, it’s also totally unique.  I’ve never seen a watch face with a customisable image before now.

The Personalised Photo Dial Watch is a one of a kind watch for the ultimate personal gift.  Created exclusively by Giftsonline4U’s in-house brand, Novanu, this stunning ladies watch features a classic roman numerical design, chrome bezel, genuine leather strap and a marble effect face.  Available in a choice of black or white face, I chose the latter for a brighter look which best suited my photo.  You can have a full colour photo if you wish but I made my image black and white for a sophisticated, timeless look.

The image I chose was naturally one of my favourite photos of Reuben when he was just shy of three months old.  He’s laid on my bed holding a cute donkey teddy that his cousin gave him.  Around the image I put the wording “Mummy’s little muffin man” and above the 6 o’clock there’s “Reuben“.  How amazing is it that you can have your own personal message, as well as your own picture, on a watch?!

Now personally the watch is just perfect as it is.  So much personalisation without being over the top and tacky.  But there is more if you want the option, for an extra fee you can have the reverse of the case engraved.  So if you wanted to say more than the front of the watch allows or add some words just meant for the recipient’s eyes, you can add a longer inscription on the back.  Asking my husband what I could have engraved, because of course Reuben couldn’t write it himself, we went for “Mama, it makes me happy when you sing my favourite songs.  Love Reuben x.”  Reuben calls me mama and he loves it when I sing him nursery rhymes like his favourites, The Muffin Man and The Grand Old Duke of York.  To read this when Reuben’s all grown up and he’s long forgotten the songs will just make me smile.

I’ve been obsessed with taking Reuben’s picture ever since he was born, and to see his tiny face immortalised on my watch face, something I can wear for many years to come, is just precious.  I don’t know about you but I would most definitely cry if I received this not knowing I was getting it.   Gah!

You can buy the Personalised Photo Dial Watch for £69.99 from Giftsonline4U

Have you thought about Mother’s Day yet?  Are you preparing to gift something pretty or you do plan to do something practical?  Maybe you’re a mum yourself, what you most love to receive for Mother’s Day?  Chat soon!

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    March 10, 2018 at 2:55 am

    Thank you for being far more eloquent than I.

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