Illicit Lingerie | Maison Close: Rue Des Demoiselles

May 12, 2014

Erotic lingerie is a niche easily wronged.  For tasteful bedroom lingerie you’ve always had to invest in the more upscale brand whose boutique prices can be unimaginably hard to justify for a barely there garment.  There was never so much a mid ground, which is where Maison Close stepped right in to claim the position of well designed boudoir lingerie at a more affordable price.

I’ve long loved French lingerie brand Maison Close for it’s magnetising collections.  At the back end of last year when they were nominated for the title of Boudoir Brand of the Year I wrote a post featuring my favourite Maison Close pieces.  When they successfully went on to win I was genuinely thrilled.


Nicolas Busnel, who founded the company and still designs the collections, has a fantastic eye for creating alluring lingerie by combining sensual fabrics with enticing design that plays on a woman’s curves.  Meeting Nicolas at the UK Lingerie Awards when he accepted Maison Close’s much coveted award was an absolute pleasure.

Maison Close were keen for me to review a current collection and I chose the deliciously provocative Rue des Demoiselles thong body, which I was sent together with a pair of opaque cut and curled Les Coquetteries stockings.


I made something of an error regarding European sizing which totally blew over my head at the time I requested a medium – as an international medium size equates to a UK 8-10.  I should really have gone for the large (10-12) or even the extra large (12-14), but I’ll know for next time!  Remember: Maison Close is a French company.

With this regard, the fit is totally off and you’re best not paying attention to what’s translated as immense fat rolls on me!  But – bearing in mind I’ll a big boobed gal – considering this is only an 8-10, there’s still ample room to seductively cover yourself behind the fabric as the style dictates, so this is good.

The fabric is very sheer spotted tulle which gives it a very modern look.  No lace, no bows, just conveniently placed panels of teasing transparency.

Tying at the neck, the body’s narrow sides and suspender straps add to the minimal effect, exposing all except curves and illicit peeks behind the noir.

*Product Gifted*


  1. Panty Buns

    May 13, 2014 at 1:23 am

    The Maison Close lingerie you’re showcasing looks lovely on you. As you know I had been (am still) following you on Blogspot via my Blogspot blog which primarily showcases full coverage brief panties. I have always been concerned about the censorship that sometimes occurs after being false-flagged whilst using Google products, so I have tried to keep it a fairly PG lingerie fashion blog.
    I responded in a too shot 140 characters to a Tweet of yours on Twitter about switching from Blogspot to WordPress. Here is the rest of my blogging nightmare story. I figure at least you can read it even if you don’t approve it as a comment.
    I started out to do an over-18 blog with very diverse subject material using a Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger and iWeb. Then I went to have it hosted by my ISP. It turned out after they’d sold me the domain name and started hosting that they were Microsoft based and incompatible with Apple products. After screwing things up trying to get it to work and finding out that many iWeb features are disabled if one doesn’t host through Apple I finally installed WordPress 2.2 on my blog (in 2008?) It seemed to be working okay for a while, but then my ISP upgraded MTSQL and I couldn’t figure out how to upgrade from WordPress 2,2. The result is that all the posts are in order of post number rather than by date, with the oldest showing up first and the newest being accessible only by clicking “older posts” repeatedly to get to the newer ones or getting to the RSS feed, where the links on the right side by link category are (there are a lot of them – I like that part of my WordPress blog). They show up on the Pages rather than the Posts. The following number of links will probably trigger moderation on your blog, but oh well.
    I have the now irrelevant “Comment Policy” bookmarked because it loads pretty fast and has all the links on the right side. You could spend hours having laughs at some of the Posts and Pages though some are rather tedious reading. Most of the links are good though I got a MALWARE WARNING from the Lingerie Insight link (don’t click that one). In addition to the post winding up being in the reverse order I was getting swamped with spam (up to 150 spam comments a day) so I disable comments there.
    Best of luck with your new blog platform. I’ll keep following the old onr too in case you decide to post there again.
    You look beautiful in the Maison Close lingerie and that photo of you with the company’s founder, Nicolas Busnel, is fabulous. Congrats!

  2. Mateo

    May 13, 2014 at 5:44 am

    Hi Becky,
    I’m pretty new to your blog, having made some comments on your twitter.
    I love lingerie and what it does yo people. How it makes one more confident.
    You always look so strong and elegant, seductive and confident. I admire that.
    Wearing this piece needs some gutseys, due to the half transparent fabric and this being a size smaller than usual. Even being maybe too small, it looks fabulous on you; I adore your full body and how confident you’re with her.
    Still, I would very much like to see you in the ‘right’ size body.
    I love the body itself, it looks so beautiful, so fragile abd soft. The polkadots gives her extra dimension. Very boudoir indeed. Maison Close is a brand to look for!

    Thank you for making this post.
    Love what you do! Please continue, you’re such a lovely person and great blogger.
    Xx Mateo

  3. Anthony Gough

    May 13, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    I think you look amazing in the pics

  4. Taner

    October 7, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    That is amazing on your lovely body. I love your poses in sexy lingreries!

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