How To Wear: Straps on Show | Part 1

March 10, 2014

Revealing your bra straps has long been a fashion faux pas and pretty much drummed into women that it’s not lady-like to show your underwear.  Not that it’s ever been a rule I’ve stressed about adhering to.  As a magpie to colour, I’ve always enjoyed wearing a contrasting bra beneath camis and vests, adding a flash of colour rather than hiding away my underwear with invisible straps and nudes.

Bra straps that are designed to attach to a regular bra is a quick and simple way to embrace the lingerie on show trend, and they can vamp up an outfit in various ways depending on the colour of the strap and what you accompany it with.

This choker bra strap is one I purchased recently from Esty Lingerie, which I was drawn to instantly because of it’s gorgeous pink colour.  Silver metal hardware toughens up the soft velour touch of the strap, and it’s a fun accessory for a playful look.  I dressed my choker strap to match my hot pink Gio Gio dress, which works well with the edgy, urban look.

Although a bra’s function is an undercover affair, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be incorporated into your outer wear.  With attachable straps in a multitude of colours, and designs more dynamic than the regular strap, it would be a shame not to accessorise in the same way jewellery personalises a neutral outfit.

This dress gives good rack!


Don’t miss my next installment of how to incorporate the bra strap into your on show wardrobe!

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  1. Panty Buns

    March 11, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    I have always loved the underwear as outerwear look in all of its various manifestations. Having suspenders showing beneath hemlines, bustiers peeking out from beneath blouses and sheer haute couture all are wonderful looks. I love the look of the choker bra strap. Your hot pink Gio Gio dress looks gorgeous!

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